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[PS4, PS5] Resident Evil Village - $56.97 @ PlayStation Store


Was waiting for this to go on discount for my Digital only PS5. It finally did. Down to 56 AUD.


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  • +3

    Definitely worth it at that price - one of the best games this year.
    If you're a fan of Resident Evil 4 (arguably the best in the series) or RE7:Biohazard, you'll definitely love Village.

    • Village definitely pays homage to RE4'S departure from the traditional RE setting.

      • I liked Village but I wasn't thrilled with some of the enemies and some chapters seemed rushed. I loved the castle and puzzle house, but the latter was too short. So was the reservoir and mine complex. The factory was OK. I liked the vampires and cyborgs but not the lycans. I missed the ability to blow off the limbs of the enemies. I don't enjoy bullet sponge enemies.

        An expansion would be cool. I thought mercenaries was far too easy.

        Overall I much preferred RE4.

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    The demo has been brought back if you want to try before you buy: https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1450990343588024321

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    What are you buying?

    • +1

      Ah! I'll buy it at a high price!

      I wonder if he related to the Duke?

  • That Platinum is a worthy challenge for this game. Which involves getting S rank on Mercenaries mode.

    • The one trophy between me and a platinum. I gave up.

    • +1

      Merce is brutal. I have a Youtube Video walkthrough on each level to get maximum SSSSS and still cant do it on later stages. Absolutely a great game nevertheless.

  • +2

    I played this on an original model PS4 and it looked and ran absolutely amazing. The RE engine that Capcom use to power RE8 is just black magic…

    • Even more surprising is the versatility of the engine. Both Monster Hunter Rise and Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection run on RE Engine.

  • Very good game and a worthy sequel to Resident Evil 7 which was one of the scariest games I have ever played.

    • Played both. RE7 is the superior game. RE4 is still the best of the series

      • VR version of RE4 is out. Its second best to the original RE.

  • -1

    Thanks Oz, bought for PC at $63 on steam. Also have ps5 I guess 3060ti pc would be more fun

  • Any deals for RE 7?

    I've never got into the games but love the movies and read that you need to have played RE 7 to continue with RE 8

    • bundle for $87.06 seems like a good price for RE7 & RE8

    • +2

      Pretty sure RE7 is in the PS+ Collection if you happen to have both a PS5 and PS+ 🙃

      • Woohoo awesome thx mate

    • you need to have played RE 7 to continue with RE 8

      Not true.

  • Very good game I love President evil

  • Cheaper than physical too

  • Can this be used on both generations at will, or will it get locked to any one of them?

  • I just completed a few days back. A good game!

  • this is my first RE and first FPS on PS5. It's a good game and I'm almost plat!! Even after so many hours the control/aim is disgusting to deal with. I've also enjoyed my time speedrunning this with NG+

  • +1

    Would love it on disc

  • +1

    The recent Resident Evil games have been so good.

    Especially RE2 Remake. I cant remember the last short and sweet single player game that I have played through 5+ times and still want to playthrough again.

    Village and 7 was great too. Shame about RE3 Remake, I did enjoy it, but no where near as much as 2. The police station from 2 was just amazing.

    • Resident Evil 2 remake was a very true close make to the original it was unreal. RE3 did let me down to, dunno why, it was a pretty good story clone.

      Do you think they will ever do a Dino Crisis remake? When they announced RE2, I was a kid in a candy shop. I dont know what shop I would end up in if Dino Crisis got the treatment RE2 and RE3 did.

  • I am stuck on this game and dont know where to go…… Nooooooooooooo, and google has not helped.

    I am on a balcony and I can jump between two ledges, each ledge has a room I can go into, Cant find my way out in either of them. LOL I keep telling myself its a bug and it will be patched, But deep down I know its capcom (profanity) with my head.

    • +1

      I highly doubt its a bug.
      I don't know where you are in the game.
      Only advice I can give is to make sure you constantly check your map.

      If the rooms are red, you have either missed something. Or you may need to note it and come back for something in the future.

      • thanks for the tip. 100% know its not a bug, its just what i like to tell myself. haha. Its not that far into the game, prob 2-3 hours max.

        • Switch on the left wall coming in from the window

          • @emblurr: I am going to chuck the disc in now and try. Cheers

  • +1

    Mmmm big milky mummas

  • Definitely worth it at this price but if you're still undecided it's almost definitely going to get cheaper as time goes on

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