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6x 1kg PETG Spools US$59.34 (~A$79), PLA US$61.03 (~A$81) Delivered (Australian Stock) @ Enotepad Official Store via AliExpress


These guys have good filament and this pricing is hard to pass up. Cheaper than the previous deals and spend US $50 for US $5 off.

Delivery is generally very fast. Previous deals:


I got 6 kg of PLA and 6 kg of PETG last time. Prints great on my Voxelab Aquila and Ender 3.

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    Does not work

    • Might be a unique coupon, does it say US $5 off below the price?

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        No idea how to get the deal. Which country did you select ship from?

        • Australia

  • To OP, what color PLA did you get? I have no issues with the black color but having print issues with white. Mind to share your settings used on voxelab if you have either of these colors? Do they both use same settings? I have black on 205 and white to 220 for it to work. Thank you.

    • I have used the White, Black & Grey. All print the same for me at 195oC.

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    Got to add 3 x 2(2x1kg) spools. But OP has omitted the taxes added on at the end, so the PLA comes to $88.88 or just under $15 per kilo

    • Comes to US $61.03 for me with GST and the coupon.

      • Look down the bottom in your photo: $66.03US

        • Then on the right minus $5 on the coupon.

    • Can you paste what you see so I can update / remove deal if this is somehow targeted to me?


  • Page shows 2kg and can't increase qty. OP can you try adding to cart again to confirm deal still available?

    • Weird, it lets me add more than one. Which colour / material ?

      • All colours, all materials, shipping from Australia. Did you click through your own link here in the post?

        • Yep works no problems for me. Try incognito.

    • I can get black PLA, I upped the qty to 3 and was able to go through to the checkout page. I was not logged in before I added it to cart. Didn't complete the purchase though.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Anyone found transparent for a good price? Want to use the sharpie mod and colour my own prints.

  • Went through to checkout, and $82.15 for 6kg is $13.69 per spool, which is super cheap.

    Even with only a couple of kg (and no coupon) it comes out at under $15 per kg.

    I'd be into it, if I could get something other than black, white, or grey PLA.

  • I started to use the Grey PETG this week I got from last deal (2kg grey, 2kg black, 2kg white) and found it to be very good for the price. Im printing @ 225c with decent results (Geeetech A10 ender 3 clone), but need to play with retraction settings due to some stringing. Prints very nice out of the box.

    Think i'll buy some more for stockpile

  • Thanks OP, bought 6x rolls of PLA.

    13.58/kg is a great price. We'll see how it performs against the stuff I get from 3DFillies.

    Used the Honey chrome extention to bring it down to $81.48 with code: GIZCHINAIT6

  • Have tons of Black filament but running short on the white PETG.. bought more than I need, but at this price, hard to pass up.
    thanks OP

  • I hope they have improved in the last few years - https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/aysx50/an_hones...

    • I can only speak to the grey PETG i've used this week and found it good to print with. The guy from reddit gets a free spool then complains about it?

  • I got it today. Quick delivery with AusPost.

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      I suspect Australia Post is delivering bigger and heavier items first to get them out of the way. I had a MTB helmet arrive faster in regular post than a USB cable express.

      • Totally agree.

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