Microsoft Australia eBay Store Tax Invoice

Has anyone been able to successfully request a tax invoice from microsoftaustralia eBay store?
My conversation with them through eBay was going nowhere..

It goes something like this:

Me: Would you be able to provide a tax invoice for this purchase please? Thanks.

Them: To view your invoice, go through view purchase details followed by clicking printer friendly version.
You can send or revise an invoice from My eBay
Find the item:
1. In My eBay, select Sold
2. From Actions, select Send invoice.
3. Make any necessary changes (to shipping charges, payment methods, etc.).
4. Select Send invoice.

Me: The actions that you described to generate invoice is for you to perform as a seller.
Would you be able to follow that instruction and send me the invoice for the item that I purchased?

Them: The only invoice that we can provide you is the one the you can get from your order history.

Me: The one from the order history is fine, as long as it has the ABN and GST amount.

Them: We are glad to know that works for you. We hope you will have an amazing rest of your day and please stay safe.

Me: I don't understand what you mean. You haven't sent me the invoice yet.
Only the seller has the functionality to generate the invoice for the product sold, so it would be great if you can help with this.

Them: We do not have an option to send you a tax invoice to your email address, to view your invoice, go through view purchase details followed by clicking printer friendly version.

Me: You just described to me how a seller can generate an invoice in your first reply, can you follow those steps?

Them: We do not have an option to send you a tax invoice to your email address, to view your invoice, go through view purchase details followed by clicking printer friendly version.

Me: As mentioned before, that is not a tax invoice, as it doesn't have any ABN or GST details in there. Can you follow the steps that you already previously mentioned to generate an invoice?

Them: The invoice you can find on your account is the only one we can provide you we do not have an option to send you an invoice to your email we do apologize about the inconvenience.

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  • Have you got the item yet?

    It might be better to see if they've included it as a hardcopy; generally most big businesses do to use it as a packing slip when sending from assorted warehouses/online sales channels. So patience might work.

    Otherwise, try again with a different CSR later or possibly escalate to eBay directly.

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      Yeah, got the item already. Only have packing slip though, no tax invoice in there.

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    Have you checked your email that’s tagged to your eBay account? For my purchases from Lenovo Australia eBay store, they sent it to my email.

    • Yeah I did, no tax invoice in email, just the standard eBay notifications of order confirmed, order update, order delivered. I guess Lenovo manages their eBay store better than Microsoft then.

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    Yeah, I got my from an email (eBay - microsoftaustralia), but the invoice and looks like it was generated by a 80s mainframe.

    • my email looked like this:

      Subject: Your Microsoft Store on eBay Invoice for Order 0n-nnnnn-nnnnn

      From: eBay - microsoftaustralia <**********>

      BodyText: TAX INVOICE Order Number: 0n-nnnnn-nnnnn Order Date: dd-mm-2021 ABN: 29 002 589 460 =============================== Dear Buyer, Thanks for your order from Microsoft Storefront on eBay on dd-mm-2021. You'll find your order details below. ================================ Order Number: 0n-nnnnn-nnnnn Shipping Address: nnnnnn ================================ SKU: nnnnnn Title: Microsoft item Quantity: 1.0 Unit Price: AU$ nnn.0 ================================ GST: AU$ nn.nn Total: AU$ nnn.nn ================================ Thank you! This is an unmonitored email alias. To review your order, please visit: or contact us with any questions via our store page: Microsoft Pty Ltd 1 Epping Road North Ryde New South Wales 2113 Australia

      I bold some key text, to make it a bit easier to read.

      OP, see if you got something like this? Hope this helps.

      • Thanks, I didn't get this email.
        It looks like something that's sent through eBay messages right?
        Then I don't understand why they keep insisting that they can't send me..

  • I bought a pair of samsung headphones a while back.

    I don't think I asked for it, but the tax invoice they provided looked like something that was typed out on notepad. I can't remember how I received it though, but you should have no problems asking for one

    EDIT: I just found it, they've just emailed it to my ebay account email address.

    It was from this email: [email protected]

    It says the email is unmonitored though

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    I've ordered from the MS ebay store twice and as Butt Scratcher mentioned, I always got a "tax invoice" from [email protected].

    It's in the e-mail body itself (not an attachment) and not richly formatted in any way and basically has:

    • Order Number
    • Order Date
    • ABN
    • User Shipping Address
    • Item Details (SKU, Title, Qty, Unit Price)
    • GST
    • Total
    • Address of Microsoft Australia
    • I didn't get any tax invoice, that's why I requested for it.
      If they can issue tax invoice, then I don't understand why is it so hard for me to request for them to send it to me…
      Is it just my luck that I was dealing with a CSR that doesn't know what he's doing?

      • That sucks, you should escalate it with eBay. I imagine they are required to provide you a tax invoice for the sale of goods.

  • OP let me know if you get a tax invoice. I bought a G502 from MS and the only thing that resembles a tax invoice what SF3 mentioned

  • I've given up communicating with them, it's the same circles of CSR everytime.
    I'm getting in touch with eBay, see if there's anything they can do to step in.

    • You can also get in touch with the ATO.

      It is illegal not to provide a tax receipt for a purchase in Australia with a value over $70.

      • Oh yeah forgot about that. Thanks jv

      • Maybe I should. Will ATO do anything about it though?

        • Ask them, it’s their law.

          No point having it if it’s not enforceable.

          • @jv: They also keep pestering me to pay this thing called tax…..

            No idea what it is. No going to waste my money

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