Techfast Delivery Time for GPU Only to Metro Melbourne

I ordered GPU only from Techfast - just wondering how long it has taken to deliver in the past for people in Melbourne?

Just excited to get it

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    What did they say when you asked them?

    OzCrystalBall says - Soon.

  • You can get it a bit quicker if you let the delivery driver park on your driveway. You learn something new everyday on OZB.

  • Usually it takes an unspecified amount of time, however if it's being delivered by fastway/aramex or similar couriers, maybe 2 years…

  • I'm in SA and the issue I had was an in-stock GPU took 5 working days to post, then about 3 working days to deliver (SA to SA) so it was the better part of 2 weeks for the item to arrive after order. The time to post was the frustrating part, but posting offers on Ozb myself, I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with orders which result in working 20+ hour days just to get orders posted out, I'm guessing sometimes Techfast suffer the same issue.

  • "in the past" wtf
    it would depend on who you got it sent with, startrack/aust post were supposed to be on strike yesterday
    and also startrack were delaying pick-ups or something.

  • It will come when it will come have some patience

  • We recently had a GPU replaced under warranty by Techfast
    Took around 2 weeks Adelaide-Melbourne but tht is because they used Auspost which is cancer atm

    • Yeah, AusPost is really suffering when it comes to service times lately. I ordered an item off evilbay and it took 6 days from when it was collected, to just get from SYD to CBR.

      Weirdly enough, around the same time I also got a parcel from Computer Alliance that was delivered within 2 days…. go figure.

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      You didn't get screwed over.. you ordered a system with an RTX 2060, you got a system with an RTX 2060.

      Lost count of how many people have tried to explain that you got exactly what you paid for, yet you're complaining about it everywhere on the forums here.

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