Do You Mind if Delivery Drivers You Use Your Driveway for Your Parcel?

Hey guys,

Just wondering what are your thoughts of delivery drivers delivering your parcel and using your driveway to park and deliver? I am not talking about trucks, but small vans and cars like sedans and hatches.

Personally, street parking can be very hard to find in some areas, especially unit areas and I want them to use my driveway cause I get my parcel quick and they're in and out within 2 minutes.

Reason for this poll: I have these lengthy, mediocre but fun conversations with a mate about their driveways and if people can use them for a brief moment such as a delivery or even a 3point turn in a tight street.

What are your views?

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    Yes, I do mind, they shouldn't use it
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    No, I don't mind, I just want my parcel


  • +8

    Front driveway no problems.
    Rear access . No way 🥺

    • +103

      That's what she said…

      • Could be unsafe for some houses, but ok for some.

        Some vehicles have car wraps.

      • +1

        Rear is too tight to access

        • +2

          Lived up to username? tick

    • +14

      What are you doing step parcel delivery driver?

      • +8

        W-what are you doing step-courier?

        • +1

          Uh… I just wanted to deliver this “package”…

  • +6

    We have lots of parking on our street but I don't care if delivery drivers use our driveway.

  • +2

    Gives me a little scare that they'll mow down the letterbox violently turning in like they do, but after that it's all good

  • +26

    Do You Mind if Delivery Drivers You Use Your Driveway for Your Parcel?

    What the (profanity)? Why would you say no? I'm from rural Australia is it different elsewhere? Do people expect no one else to drive on a drive way?

    • +18

      No its a stupid question. Unless you have a gate on the boundary you can't stop people using it anyway. What are people gonna do? Call the cops?

      • +1

        Not really, when you speak to people with another point of view, whether you disagree with them or not, doesn't make their view or your view more valid.

        I simply asked a question and see if people may feel the same way, as I know some people that don't even like people using their driveway for a 3 point turn.

        • +17

          Dunno about other drivers, but when I make a three-point using a driveway entry, I don't drive UP the driveway.
          In other words, I'm using part of the verge and not crossing the front property boundary. It's technically Council property.

        • +5

          when you speak to people with another point of view, whether you disagree with them or not, doesn't make their view or your view more valid


          This is absolute crud… If people are wrong then their view is irrelevant and less valid

          • @dinna89: There's a difference between wrong and having a different opinion.

            In this scenario, there is no right or wrong answer, it's just a matter of different opinion and therefore I do not condone belittling someone who has a different opinion.

            • @hasher22: You seem to be sensitive about a delivery driver using your driveway to deliver your parcel.
              The overwhelming majority appears think it's a non issue, and now you're finding people's opinions to be "belittling".

              Ok, take care.

        • +1

          the answer to this is just have a small closing gate lol.

          you know, the ones that people can basically jump over so it does s hit all for burglers but exists purely for boundary marking reasons.

        • These people must have problems

    • +3

      Personally, I don't mind it, I want them to use it. Makes it easier for them and me.

      It's funny cause my mate, who owns a house loves his driveway. He repainted it and redesigned it approx like 2 years ago. And we're having a mini-debate about why others can't use it, even for a few minutes. He said that if multiple people use it, it will wear down his new driveway and he doesn't want anyone wearing it down. And I am like….. you're wearing down your driveway every day by going to work. Having a delivery driver parking not even all the way in, as most drivers park just inside the driveway enough for the trunk to not stick out on the road (from what I seen) will not even significantly wear down your driveway, even if a delivery man comes every day.

      • +3

        I don't believe this

        • +9

          Then don't.

          • +2

            @hasher22: Shit mate, dump him now. In the bin, next to the driveway

      • +9

        Unless he installs a gate there is literally nothing your uptight weirdo mate can do about it. I have heard everything now, people dont want the delivery driver coming to deliver goods to them to use their driveway. SMH

        • I think the way he thinks is like when owners are proud of their lawn and don't want anyone stepping on it. I dunno, all I know is that he loves his driveway lol

          • +1

            @hasher22: I guess your mate is the first of the new breed called "GET OFF MY DRIVEWAY!!!!!!!" grumpy old men :)

            but yeah, there are plenty of people out there who would get upset over (seemingly) insignificant things………………

      • +2

        It's literally in the name,
        It's a drive-way
        It's there to be driven on
        I think your mate needs a dose of reality/an OCDC intervention.

      • +16

        And we're having a mini-debate about why others can't use it, even for a few minutes. He said that if multiple people use it, it will wear down his new driveway and he doesn't want anyone wearing it down.

        If I was a delivery driver and he said that to me, I'm hopping back in my van and taking his parcel to the post office where he can go and collect it himself.

      • Why have nice things if you can't use them? A driveway is there to be driven on. It seems ridiculous.

      • +1

        What your friend may be referring to as " multiple people use it" is using part of the driveway (likely the the crossover to do a 3 point turn).

        However the cross over does NOT belong to you friend. That's the reason that if you friend decides to gate the property, the gate need to be installed at the boundary after the verge

      • The delivery driver probably should meet him at the boundary to give him his parcels.

    • I live in a semi-rural area, and next to our property is a looong driveway to the neighbours.
      Delivery drivers frequently use that.
      It's never caused a problem.
      It's also the only safe way to get off a fairly narrow road to unload, without causing an inconvenience to others.

  • +16

    Slow forum day on Ozbargain.

    • For sure!

    • +1

      Agree, what a dumb argument to have.

  • +1

    So I have a free circular drive way and do you expect me to object to a courier/AusPost driver using same to deliver a 15kg box. Would you expect me to tell them to lug it in 15 mt from the street when they can park the van 3mt from the front door?
    What other meaningful conversations do you have with your mate?

    • +2

      Who said it was meaningful? I didn't. I said it was mediocre and don't you have mates just talking about mundane stuff?

      • -4

        don't you have mates just talking about mundane stuff?

        All the time, we just don't feel the need to post it on the internet

  • I get mail delivered to my in laws address which is at the end of a shared driveway. Most delivery drivers usually drive all the way in and drop off my parcels at the front door so why would I complain.

  • +6

    We have a friend who lives in East Malvern and the tosser across the road from him objected one day because we parked in the street out front of his house. He was trying to tell us that only he was entitled to park there. I laughed at him then got out of the car and went to visit my mate. Turns out he was a Liberal politician. I wasn’t really surprised.

    • +2

      Corrupt bastards, of course they would think they own the street.

    • +1

      There is an episode about this on Super Wog.

      • +1

        I never saw the series, but it wouldn’t surprise me that “entitlement” cropped up elsewhere. I’m not sure what he thought I would do? Maybe tug my forelock and apologise for having the temerity to trespass on his hallowed suburb.

        • Watch this from 3:45 onwards or the entire episode as it is a recurring dispute with Superwog's dad and the neighbour.

          Was the guy harrassing you Lebanese and wearing a bathrobe by any chance haha?

          • @cute as ducks: I love the bit where he puts all the furniture, including the fridge, in the parking spot. That is hilarious.

  • Where do people want them to park, few kms away then complain when they CBF delivering it.

  • My car is already on the driveway, so all delivery drivers just park right on the street.

  • I don't have a foot path on my side of the street so my lawn goes from house to kerb which is good and I don't have a fence nor gate across the drive way.

    The only time I get annoyed at people using my driveway especially doing a U-turn, is when my kids are playing on the driveway riding their bikes or playing on the lawn.

    But I usually park my car on the street infront of the driveway to stop cars using it.

    Other than that I don't really care.

    • I heard you could get fined for blocking access to driveway depending on the council.

      • to someone elses driveway maybe. not to your own i would think

        • You can't park in front of any driveway for more than 2 minutes.

  • Do you want your delivery or not?

  • +2

    He doesn't sound like much of a mate to be honest.

  • +5

    Getting pissed off that a delivery driver uses your driveway is a sure fire way to get your deliveries stalled, broken, go missing, etc… They belong in the same group of people you shouldn’t go out of your way to piss off with menial bullshit.

  • I don't care if the delivery driver uses my driveway although it is very steep and curved. Its always funny when I get the notification on my phone from the security camera of them trying to reverse back down again.

  • +1

    If you want your local courier to love you long time, Make up a sign saying AUS POST/COURIER parking and let them know they can park there.

  • +1

    How is it that people can be so pitiful?

    The courier is like the burger flipping teenager. Don't piss them off because you're at their mercy.

  • This should have been a very short conversation, I don't understand why it was lengthy.

    You: Hey mate it's cool if delivery drivers use your driveway to park their vans when they're delivering something to you right?
    Mate: Yeah that's fine
    You: Cool. Thought so.

  • +1

    I'm not going to make the courier driver walk the 100m to my house from the front gate.

    • +1

      nice humblebrag, my driveway probably wouldn't even stretch 5m. But like the wife says, it doesn't matter how long your driveway is, it's how you use it that counts.

  • I prefer they didn't as there is a power pole directly opposite it and people haven't looked/cared and have backed into it while reversing out.

    I had one delivery I think it was like Startrack and a young lady used the drive way. I said look at the poll before you back out it wont move just remember it's there. They said "thank you. It was only last week I backed into something." Possibly why it wasn't a branded van they where using. lol

  • My postie parks in my drive way, and if the neighbour has a parcel will run up to them with Van still in my driveway. (My neighbour is behind my house, and there front driveway is long around out to the back from the front)

    Would it bother some they do this yeah. But I know its quicker for him to do that, and never had a problem with them. so just let them do it, no skin off my nose.

    Saying that though, he is the only postie that does this, if someone else is on the run in my area which is rare, its normally the same chap, they will park on the road, same as uber delivery etc, always on the road. (Although I could not care less if they parked in driveway)

    What really grinds people i knows gears (I could not care less) is when cars park out the front (On the road) Legally parked right out front of the house. It does my flat mates head in. and when we have visitors they always comment about that same car parked out the front. Still plenty of other parks around, but its a problem. Why does that annoy people? You dont own the road right out front your house. I believe ive read a couple forum posts on this site before and have had a laugh at it. Its funny how small things wind people up. and yes i got heaps that wind me up, but those two scenarios don't.

  • +1

    My delivery guy parks on my driveway, drops off my stuff, greets me and then sort out his other deliveries on my driveway. Moving stuff around, organising his van etc.
    I don't mind it, it's good to see he feels at home. Maybe because I have a delivery almost every day? I should offer him a drink next time I see him.

    • Yep, you should!

      My mum often used to have a drink ready for the postie, especially on a hot day. They were unbelievably appreciative of those cool drinks.

  • +1

    Couple of mins don't really care. Their job is hard enough.

  • -1

    Seriously ??

  • -1

    This poll results gives me hope studies aren't such selfish idiots. Ofc it should be fine. They're delivering to you. Reminds me of this story i just read about this man in America shooting and killing this other man because he temporarily stopped in his driveway to look for directions on his phone because he was lost.
    Like is that the selfish slope you want to go down? (Ofc it was a racially motivated event but still. Not my drive way huh?)

  • I don't mind. My driveway is 2 lane wide. You've gotta be a Camry driver to hit anything.

  • -1

    And here we are, another example of an utterly ridiculous question. Not debasing the member (they do that themselves) but come on, are you for real? The delivery is for you, what next, they are parked in your street?
    If you feel "infringed" then use Oz Post, but ask them not to reach over into your property when simply inserting letters. How are you with birds?

    • +2

      This is from the original post.

      “Personally, street parking can be very hard to find in some areas, especially unit areas and I want them to use my driveway cause I get my parcel quick and they're in and out within 2 minutes.”

      This is more around talking shit with mates.

      Just chill.

    • +1

      Yes, I do mind, they shouldn't use it

      Looks like that dad is here and voted.

  • +1

    How about this one: after they drop your parcel, they are still there for 10 minutes sorting out parcels for next deliveries? Or go to neighbor for other delivery.

    • Depends I guess?

      Few scenarios:
      1. I don't care because I am not going anywhere and they're not blocking me to go in or out at the time.
      2. I don't care because I can park on the street
      3. I do care because I do need to go out or in and they're ticking me off because they're not there to move their vehicle

  • +1

    They have legitimate business to conduct with you. Just because you paid $10 for the delivery doesn't mean you get to dictate to them every detail of how the delivery is carried out. They're doing you a service, give them a hard time and maybe your next parcel might be "damaged in transit". Here in SA council owns the verge so three point turns on the council part of your driveway is fine. Even if you took issue it's not your land anyway.

  • heavens to mergatroid - it would be scandalous if The Help used the owner's driveway, the embarrassment, the audacity of them to put a delivery vehicle in my driveway, surely OP jests!

    seriously, I'd expect them to use the driveway if they're making a quick delivery stop. It's my stuff after all. I'd be annoyed if they were blocking the driveway and it wasn't for delivering my things - but if it's just an open driveway not one behind a gate then I find it odd that someone would care.

  • +1

    Who are the three nutbags that said yes

  • +2

    Ever done a u-turn by fake turning right into a side street but you swing across into the side streets left lane facing back out? I was trying to do that one day but a car came right up behind me so I kept driving up the street because I didn't want to slow him down.

    I drove a little way up the street and found a good driveway to turn into to 3 point turn.

    The guy behind me waits for me to turn out of his lane, but then keeps waiting as I go into the driveway.

    I completed my 3 point turn and then he drove into his driveway that I was using -_-\

  • Simple solution..

    Build a boom gate with paid entry.

  • This sounds like a truly petty thing to ask. May be they should just leave a card out in your mailbox and drive away instead of bothering to deliver your stuff.

    Same with u turns and what not. The drive way will not disappear from that, you know?

  • I'd pretty much expect them to use the driveway

  • +4

    I am a delivery driver. Using driveways is imperative:

    1) safety, sometimes not safe to park on narrow roads and unload goods
    2) no street parking - especially if house is on opposite side of street so you don't have to turn around if you are heading in that direction anyway
    3) when our delivery routes are optimized you get a max 3minutes per stop, parking on street and that reverse park all add up if you are doing 70+ deliveries a day

    I've had owners yell at me for blocking driveways - honestly, we are just trying to do a job and get parcels out asap.

  • WOW!

  • To the four people who DO mind. You suck! Hahahaha

  • Since the topic of driveways have been brought up, has anyone heard the one that goes…

    Why do people drive on a parkway, but park in a driveway?

  • If they're delivering a parcel to me that's fine. If not, they can p*** off!

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