Recommendation - Dash Cam for under $100


I'm looking for a dash cam at the moment (under $100) for my dad. I know I won't be getting "the best" for under $100. But I'm just seeing what are people on OzBargain using for a cheap dash cam. The car is used majority throughout the day only.

Here what I'm looking for

  • Auto/Loop Recording
  • Built in LCD
  • G sensor
  • Good wide view
  • Easy enough to recognize rego plate from a reasonable distances

Let me know what yours thoughts are.


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    Probably best to wait a month for the Thanksgiving & Black Friday sales

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    70mai a500s Pro Plus is decent and in budget. Front facing for $100.

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    I just got a Viofo A119 V3 and it seems pretty good so far. Worth adding to the research list. approx 119 on ebay

    • Even though I just had to return 2 Viofo cameras, it's still the one I would recommend.

      • why did you have to return? I was just planning to get one.

    • Back then I got "Viofo A119 V3" for around $105 as I remember. Better to check with Ebay plus deals

    • I've seen that online, although I can't remember what price I saw it at.

      I was thinking seriously about purchasing it until I read a few reviews about night-time capability to read number plates. Do you, or anyone else who has purchased one, have any comments about that?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Agree. Have a Viofo A119 for my car and family car for many years and still work great.

      It will cost more than $100 but it's worth spending the extra money for peace of mind. Don't cheap out on a dashcam because high quality footage from a good dashcam will save you a lot of hassle in case an accident happens.

  • Try this brand
    I had 2 of these working well. myself recommend.

  • I would just get a viofo on special. I got the a129 duo for less than $150 on special, while outside the budget does have rear camera and is cheaper than an excess claim. A119 might be better option due to higher resolution.

    Make sure to get one with capacitors rather than batteries as they don't hold up well in the Aussie heat.

  • I've got one of these. Does the job. $99 at Officeworks

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