20% off Magazine Subscriptions @ Zinio (Purchase on Website)


Received this email that has a discount code that will get you 20% off it seems any subscription at Zinio. Looks like there is no expiry date.

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    As the Librarian I do need comment to make sure people know about Libraries right? The ultimate ozbargain.

    • Although I've just noticed that the commercial platform has adult titles. I can guarantee you won't find that on your library's subscription. If that's what you are after, maybe this is a good deal.

    • Australian library zinio’s Probably don’t have international magazines

      • Most Australian public libraries would have some international content. For magazines, this would usually be via Pressreader or Libby/Overdrive (which is what has replaced Zinio at Libraries). Obviously not everything is available, but still worth checking out.

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          Libby/Overdrive isn’t as good as Zinio. Not only can’t you do automatic checkouts (useful for magazines you regularly read) but Zinio gave you permanent access to the magazines you checked out through your personal collection.

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      Just because we generally don't pay for using libraries doesn't mean they're free and therefore the "ultimate ozbargain". They're paid for by rates and taxes - which most of us have to pay. I hardly use them but still have to pay rates and taxes, so they're not what I would consider to be "the ultimate ozbargain".

      • That is true, I guess to make it an ozbargain you would actually need to use the service. But since there is nothing stopping you from doing that, I stand by my statement.

        • You don't understand. Libraries are NOT free. You reckon they are and that's why you say they're a bargain. Just because you don't pay directly for the services doesn't mean they're free. If paying directly for the use of something determined whether they were free or not then there's a lot of things in life that are free - including public hospitals, roads, airports, playgrounds and parks. Most of them are used more by people than libraries - so again, I don't see libraries as being the "ultimate bargain" - but given your username, you'd obviously believe otherwise. As does the person who negged my comment.

          • @bean_counter: I do understand, I even opened my previous comment by agreeing with you because you are right, public libraries are almost entirely funded by our taxes and rates, as are those services you mentioned and others. Not sure why you opened your reply by telling me that I don't understand, as if I have no idea how services work or are funded.

            If you'd like to learn a little more about how libraries take the financial investment made in them and what the financial return is to the community, I'd recommend a read of this report, https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/Libraries-wor...
            The TL;DR is that every $1 invested in public libraries generates $4.30 of benefits to the local community.

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    This is crap. Libraries have got a far better selection. Besides why would you subscribe to adult magazines? There is already too much adult material circulating for free.

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      the articles

  • Zinio is still around? I was chuffed reading magazines on my HP touch pad back in the day, before HP shat themselves over a Windows 8 demo, what arseholes

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