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GoPro Hero7 Silver $193 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


Looks like this is on clearance @ Officeworks as unavailable online.

Just picked up 2 from Taren Point, and Punchbowl have them in stock too.

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  • Seems to retail for around the $300 to $350 I think, so decent price.

  • Great price!

  • Thanks OP grabbed one.
    Note it is available online for VIC.
    I just got one delivered for $193

    • saying unavailable online for me. I am in VIC

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        Make sure you set you store to one with stock. https://ow.c0r3.xyz/ will help you know which stores have stock in Vic.

  • Same here. In Vic and unavailable

    • Refer to my comment above - works for me for Richmond, Kew East, QV

      • Will do. Thanks for the help.

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      That check is outdated. Ozbargained.

  • Unavailable online

  • Thanks OP. Had to try a couple of stores before success.

  • Tried to checkout from Punchbowl store, website doesn't let me says out of stock.

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    Waiting for the next time the DJI Osmo Action hits $299.

  • There are some in stock at Waurn Ponds (Geelong) if your down that way, pickup only.

    • They're gone now. Shows low stock but when you go through to checkout it says no stock.

  • Looks like they're all out of stock now in VIC, was able to pick one up just before it sold out. Great deal for this camera.

  • Anyone had a cancellation?

    • You won't get a cancellation until tomorrow, if they don't actually have the stock.

  • Any in NSW? The stock doesn’t work does it mean it’s all sold out?

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      There's stock in Rutherford.

      • Got an email saying they can't find stock with my purchase

  • No stock for all the stores around 4116…

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    Trent is also from Punchbowl

  • dji osmo action goes for $299 regularly, for a bit extra it is better. this is silver model which is budget version of gopro

  • Can’t find any! :(

  • Note that this version (silver) has NOT got a removable battery.

    • It doesn't have hypersmooth/hyperwarp either (only found in the Black model), which was the big ticket feature when the 7s came out and really is impressive - the silver is stabilised, but its Hero6 type stabilisation. Between that and the internal battery, I'd recommend finding a used 7 Black for much the same money - you'll find plenty that haven't had a lot of use thanks to lockdowns (mine got a fraction of what I expected) and people may be looking to upgrade now that the 10 is out. Or wait for the Osmo action sales as others have said.

      • How suitable would the Osmo be for a cycling camera?

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          Great, I imagine (I'm talking about the Osmo Action, not the Osmo Pocket).

          I ummed and ahhed between the Osmo and Hero 7 Black but went with the gopro as they were the same RRP at the time. But the GoPro has had three more versions come out since, whereas the Osmo Action hasn't, hence it's generally cheaper.

          However, the Osmo Action 2 is expected to be announed in the next week (if you believe the teasers and rumours), so you won't have to wait long for bargains on the original model, which is still more capable than the hero7 silver.

  • Hero 6 black is better than 7 silver

  • ordered from Ruthford.From what read the stablilisation is the same used in the hero 6 black. Will be good enough for me to throw on mtb or dirtbike.Im no so for $198 i think this a good deal. I did want the DJI but no one has them for $299 and this is two thirds the price so bit the bullet. Plus i live near rutherford. Thanks OP.

    • There is no stock at rutherford just spent all day trying to get a refund

  • Got a text saying they could not find one but they are getting one from warehouse and will advise. fingers crossed.

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      Same for me from Rutherford.
      Collection Est. Date of 26th

      • Mine pushed out to November 1st now. Changing every dam day. Did you get yours yet mate?

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          Wow disgusted by the rutherford store. Said was in stock. Then changed to back order. Everyday they keept saying the next day and now they have just refunded me with no emails or anything.

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            @fitzy87: Yes exactly the same, rang help centre on Monday. Got a Karen. Money back this morning. Won't buy price clearance items again online.

            • @Sarge28: Yeah the thing that annoyed me was if not in stock fine, dont keep telling me every day it is on the way to the shop then oh no we cant find any. Was midleading me to beleive it was coming. I was buying a new 300ish camera anyways ( looking for dji osmo) but then could not afford to all week as they had my money and told me it was coming. sucks!

  • When did the price go down this much. I paid hundreds more for hero 4

    • When 6 newer models came out…

  • Thanks OP; if anyone lives close to Doncaster, VIC and wants one PM me!

  • I have noticed that Officeworks deducted money from my credit card and didn't create the order. Anyone having that issue too?

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