nbn Plan with A Decent Router for 400m2 Single-Storey House

Good people of Ozbargain, I need a new unlimited 50/20 NBN plan. Preferably one with a free and decent enough router with sufficient coverage for my 400 m2 single-storey house. Or if I should buy a better router separately and get a BYO NBN plan, please post links to router deals. Ta


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    when i built my 350 sqm house single story , I had issues with Orbi mesh router had to get 2 extra extenders. Now I live in 2 story rental which is bigger in size but router and satellite is enough. There is no way standard router will do 400 sqm.

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    Get the router from the provider and then do additional access points all using the same SSIDs and security config to have whole-house roaming.

    • Lol i wonder why people downvote you for providing a feasible option. This is actually correct given that that will be deadzones in certain areas.

  • You can obviously churn deals but if you're happy with $65/month there's a few vendors like spintel and leaptel. There may be card fees and you're better off BYO router.
    Some energy providers also have bundled deals but seems that the elec charges are higher negating the discount.

    Fixed wireless might be an option too and seems good value. Not really an option for me so I didn't do more research…

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    Just go mesh wifi. A lot easier than access points IMO.

    • Wasn't like Tenda MW3 3 pack + bonus like $99 a few months back. OP should seriously look at that.

  • Wait for a mesh system deal, if you are expecting higher speed experience around the house, like streaming.

    If you just want coverage and don't mind the speed far away from your router, than make sure you put the router dead centre in your house. In this case, grab something from Exetel or the like.

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    Get Ubiquiti Amplifi mesh setup. I have one running at home and it’s great.

    • Any links to deals? Cheers

      • Nope, I couldn’t wait for a deal and paid full price.

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