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Pixel 6 $929 and Pixel 6 Pro $1229 with $70 Off Code For Local Guides @ Google


Got this offer in an email for Local Guides members. Looks Targeted, but one of my mates got this deal as well.

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    • i received the your Local Guides Community Newsletter is here
      but no You’ve earned a reward! Scroll down to claim it!

  • Does this stack with the pre order credit?

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    Anyone else get an error on their code?
    I contacted Google and they couldn't tell me why it wouldn't work. They've escalated the issue but can't tell me how long it'll take

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      Yeah same

      Coupon code doesn't exist and wasn't applied. You can enter a valid one at checkout.

    • Having the same issue

    • It says mine doesn't exist either. lol

    • Same issue as the above…any fixes ?

    • Same for me, didn't work

    • Same for me, same error

    • Same here. Tried a few times already but still keep getting the error message.

    • Any luck in getting a response from Google?

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        Nothing yet. I'm hoping something comes overnight

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          The've written back saying they're aware of the issue and new codes will be issued next week with an extended expiry.

          • @GradeA: Thanks, fingers crossed…
            Anyway, they no longer have stock..

          • @GradeA: Got the code today and it works

  • Can the code work for two phones at once?

  • How do you get the newsletter?

  • Who would be better to buy off ?

    Google or Jbhifi considering JB is offering the Nest and Goole is offering $100 credit?

    I dealt with Google support before and they were pretty good when I had issues with the phone

  • I didn't get one for local guides, got the newsletter but no promo. I did get the promo for the birthday sale though, so maybe because I qualify for that I don't get the other one, which sucks.

  • Level 6 but no code.

  • Thanks, I missed seeing the offer in my Local Guide email this morning.

    Pulled the trigger on the 6 Pro!

  • got the code from the google birthday thing this morning
    not sure why on earth would they just sent that over now when they could have done that weeks ago
    tried to ask google support to see if they can apply that retrospectively

    google marketing is not doing a very good job :/

  • It a shame most of the Pro's are sold out and can't bring myself to order the Sunny colour.
    Black 128GB just came back but as with Sunny Colour delivery is 31st December +

  • I already pre-ordered yesterday, happy to share my code as I won't use it: Z10BGHSKGLFTN6TBANRCMMD

    • Thank you very much for the code, very much appreciated. I really appreciate you sharing it.

      • Happy you could use it!

    • Where did you find the code? My email came with the offer but there's only a "redeem now" button. Can't see any code…

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        Click the Redeem Now link in the email, then the code is in the URL. Copy the string after promoCode=

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          Huh. My code is only a string of about 8 numbers. Nowhere near as complicated as yours. Wonder if their system screwed up sending out the codes.

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            @bananabendera: Definitely screwed up, my promo code is about the same as yours… 9 numbers (no letters)

            Still waiting for the follow up email… Or something

  • Seems I got both codes, from birthday email and local guides, I'm only level 3.

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      Is it possible to stack them on the same order?

      • I'd like to know this too!

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    Kinda off topic: are we so confident with this phone we're not waiting for reviews (which will be released on 25th) where most preorder offers won't expire until 27th?

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      I'm holding off the purchase for the same reason. I want to see initial reviews. Its google first processor we don't even know how it will perform and Google didn't even let initial reviewers to reveal much.

  • FYI stock won’t arrive til January 2022… that turned us off and instead we order ours at officeworks we get our on November 1st

    • Wow that's pretty crap if retailers have it and their own official store is stiffled.

  • Boooo. Level 6 and nothing. Rude.

    • +1

      The codes aren't working, at least for a bunch of us anyway.

      Two pages of comments and I haven't seen proper confirmation that somebody successfully used the promo from Local Guides… And at least 4 or 5 saying it doesn't work, which is also my experience

      • I haven't ordered but mine shows correctly at the checkout. Level 5.

        • Lol, I don't think the level matters much.

          I'm level 6, have the email, everything is above board… checked before any of this went live and it didn't and still doesn't work.

          A similar promo failed in the past too, iirc

  • Delivery: 31 Dec 2021 – 3 Jan 2022

    • Is this the 6 or 6 pro?

  • I'd like to have one for PRO! I'm level 7. Thanks heaps!

  • -3

    Damn. Just saw this. Cancelled my order from this morning and tried to re-order. No stock of black Pros. sigh

  • Thanks OP,

    Checked the email and sure enough at the bottom is a "Redeem Now" option - needs to be redeemed by Nov 7

    • +1

      Just spoke to an agent and apparently it expires in Jan - even though it says Nov 7th

  • Level 4, 354 points got the code.

  • Level 6, 1558 points, got the email but no code.
    I've ordered 6 pro though.

  • Thanks! I can't believe I missed it - yes it's at the bottom of the newsletter :)

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    Same here, got the email, click redeem, get the error, Cooupon code doesn;t exist and wasnt applied. You can enter a valid one at checkout.

    Fail Google!

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    Some info on the coupon situation for those of us who got an invalid code:

    We are aware of an issue with some codes not working, and are working to provide a solution. You can expect a new code to be provided by email in the next week. The offer is subject to availability, and some models may no longer be available in your country/region. So, we've extended your voucher code through March 31, 2022. At the Google Store, you have the option of joining a waitlist to get an email alert when the phone is back in stock.

    Don't know if anything will be done to rectify us missing out on the pre-order credit if it takes them too long to send the codes out again, although the offer does last until 7 Nov, surely they will have the codes fixed by then…

    • Spoke to Google Store support and was advised a new code will be sent out by next week. They also confirmed the pre-order store credit promo is valid till 7th November.

      • Do you know by any chance if they are the going to resend the codes to everyone or only to those who have conacted them?

  • Got the code, but not working yet..

  • Which colour is better: stormy black or cloudy white?
    White was the first out of stock, black was hanging there for a while. I was kind of like white so I waited until it's back in stock, and it did, so I got the white.
    But I saw so many people ordered black so now I'm doubting my decision 🙄

    • Note, black is closer to a dark grey.
      I was thinking white until the last minute, but decided I preferred the black aluminium frame.

  • How do use this promo? I got it but there is no instruction as to how to use it?

  • Should I buy from Google if delivery is in Jan (but get $70 off and $300 store credit because of Google one subscription) or should I stick to my JB hi-fi release with nest audio and pickup on release day?

    • Just order from Google if you can. You have plenty of time until Jan to cancel it if you want to go with JB. It's a no brainer

      • But JB preorder means I can get the phone in hand next week - so the difference is 2 months of use time. What makes it a no brainer in that case? Is it the Google customer service? Better Warranty?

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    Google store has 6 Pro all 3 colours and capacities back in stock, plus 1-2 Dec delivery. Let's order guys

  • Damn level 4 and still no code
    What do I got to do to get a code

  • +1

    After emailing Google support the past couple of days going back and forth I have been advised they will apply a $70 partial refund to my existing order after I receive the phone. Hopefully this helps anyone waiting on the code before ordering.

    • I don't suppose you could please share the link you used to get through their support system to get that partial refund? Closest category I could find was price matching.


      • I believe I selected 'Payment Issues' which opened up all contact options, I received a call within 10 seconds.

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    Interestingly, I received a code, but it doesn't work

  • +1

    HI all, I just got the email for the fixed local guide code now, hopefully it went out to everyone else at the same time. Works this time round

  • I got the email too, but for the first time lol

  • +1

    Purchased one, says delivery late December early January
    Anyone know if there's any chance of receiving it earlier?

  • Got the correct email code and ordered Pro6, dec 8 delivery though.. everything stacks.. $150 pre order + 10% GoogleOne +$70.
    Does anyone know if you'll still get the 10% if you cancel googleone after the purchase?

    • +1

      How'd you get the googleone?

    • +1

      Shouldnt u wait till it get dispatched before you cancel google one?

  • Can you cancel this without losing the discount code? I lowkey wanna reorder

    • I cancelled my order that I had previously applied the birthday discount to and then reordered with the same code - worked fine

  • I ordered when the new code came through yesterday morning. Tracking says it's being delivered today! (This is the regular Pixel 6 128gb).

    • Lucky you! Obviously they've got more stock of the regular than the Pro. The estimated delivery of the 128GB Pro I have ordered hasn't budged from the 15-16 Nov date (pre-ordered on the day it opened).

  • +1

    What is the likelihood of receiving the pro earlier then the expect dec8-10th date?

  • Hi guys can I buy 2 phones with this code and get $140 google store credit?

  • I ordered the 512 gb from Telstra last Monday (three days ago) and got it today. Can't believe there are so many delays with other suppliers.

    • That's what I ordered too on day 1 from Google and it's showing an ETA of the 10th of November and it was finally shipped yesterday.

      What are your impressions so far?

  • Just an observation as I went through and checked this out. I do get offered a $70 code as a local guide, but when I go to do a test check out I noticed that the $100 credit per phone from the Google Store didn't get offered as it did when I bought 2 x Pixel 6 a few days ago from the Google Store.

    It seems to say in the T&Cs that no other offer can apply if you use the $70 discount on 1 phone only. So I'd effectively lose 2 x $100 Google store credits by claiming 1 x $70 Guide discount.

    Am I seeing it incorrectly? Obviously I didn't check out the "test" with the Guides discount as I have a standing order for 2 at present.

    • +1

      I bought 2 phones today.

      I received:

      $70 discount from Google local guide for ne phone.
      10% Google Store Credit from Google One for both phones.
      $100 Preorder from Google Store for both phones.

      I have confirmation of them in my order sent to my email.

      I think the limit for the store credit was 2 phones. If you already bought 2 phones you won't receive the $100 preorder from Google Store anymore.

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