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Pixel 6 $929 and Pixel 6 Pro $1229 with $70 Off Code For Local Guides @ Google


Got this offer in an email for Local Guides members. Looks Targeted, but one of my mates got this deal as well.

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    Any idea what triggers the email? Just checked and it says I'm still a Local Guide but I haven't received any promo.

    Edit: Mid Level 5, but I haven't posted a review for a month or two.

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      It's at the bottom of the local guides newsletter. I got mine at 5:25am today.
      [Edit] Seems like some people get the newsletter but not the promo.

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        I've received neither, nothing caught in spam filters and it looks like I was subscribed to the updates. Hopefully something shows up cause I was leaning towards Google Store for the purchase.

        Edit: Got the newsletter, no code :(

    • Got my newsletter at 11:30am this morning but no code in it. (level 4, 275pts)

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    Thanks OP, just got a mail from google guide and deleted it, didn't see it has voucher in it.

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    Yes I got one thanks OP.

    It's at the bottom of the email I'm as level 7

    • I'm at the top of Level 5.

      • Got it an i'm level 3.

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          Level 6 no voucher but I already purchased mine.

    • Level 6 here, no voucher

    • Fellow Level 7 (11,529pts) here. I didn't even get the email.

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        Level 7 got the newsletter, no code.

  • Just note looks like this batch of delivered 8-9 December.

  • Just saw this in my email, thanks OP.

  • I didn't realise as well and deleted my email. When I saw the comments here I took another look and it was actually at the bottom of the email.

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    The email says "This offer can be combined with other offers" but FYI it can't be stacked with another promo code

    • Damn was just gonna bug my gf for her code

  • Level 6, 3500 points and I got the email….. Maybe you need higher than level 3. Who knows. I'm waiting for the new galaxy or note anyways

    • I am level 3 , no email

    • Also level 6, but didn't get one. I had already ordered the phone though.

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    Wait for 1 month and it will be at 300$ discount

    • Based on what information?

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        It's a Pixel, not an iPhone.
        And I say that as a Pixel owner.

      • They’re a niche phone. They get bought by the people that know about them at launch and then sales drop off after that.

    • +4

      "wAiT 3 yEaRs AnD iT wIlL bE aT 80% dIsCoUnT"

    • Did you ever find a deal for Pixel 5 at $300???

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        U stoopid

    • +2


      Considering the pre-order bonuses between retailers/telcos are all worth about $150-200, it is very likely the Pixel 6 (Pro) will discount quite quickly after all the pre-order bonuses pass.

      e.g.Pre-order bonus for Pixel 6 Pro via…
      * Google Store offers $150 Google Store Credit
      * JB Hifi / HN / Officeworks offers Google Nest Audio
      * Optus / Vodafone offers Pixel Buds A
      * Telstra discounts the device repayments by $200 over the term

    • They've sold their stock through till 2022 on some lines and you think they'll discount harder next month?

      • Only the google store is sold through to 2022 due to the preorder credit. You'll still be able to walk into a telco, officeworks, HN and pick up a pro on launch day. Most people that know about pixels have already ordered one, sales will drop off quickly afterwards as no one else even knows they exist.

  • When do we get the $70 code for purchasing something on the deal the other day?

    • +1

      Just arrived to my email now

      • Google told me yesterday that you can't use it in combination with the $150 credit, which is really bizarre, considering that you can't even use the latter towards the phone.

        • +1

          do you have the link where this is mentioned please?

        • Thats stupid. I pretty well only spent money in the Google store to get this voucher presuming it would work. Feels dodgy even though in the terms.

          • @nexus444: Same here, bough6 a Chromecast with Google TV for $85 to receive $70 towards the Pixel. It will work, but you won't get the $150 credit, according to what they told me.

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      I just got mine, but I ordered the phone day one. Seeing if they'll let me use it retroactively, if not I'll give it to someone else.

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        Good idea. Can you please let me know how it goes?

      • +1

        support werent able to add the 70$ code after I ordered, bummer

        • +1

          Bugger I was hoping to do the same

  • Level 5, got one

  • Level 8 no email 😭

  • Can this stack with the $100/$150 Google Store credit deal?

    • Yes, I believe so.

    • Not working for me

    • +1

      yes, I've received the Google store order confirmation and stated in the email,
      "With this purchase of Pixel 6 Pro, you can get $150 Store Credit that can be used towards a future Google Store purchase. Terms apply."

      Fun fact that I also received another email from Google 3 minutes later enclosing the $70 promotional code for pixel 6/pro as I shopped during their birthday sales.

      P.S Estimate delivery date for my Pixel 6 Pro 128G Stormy Black is Dec 31–Jan 03

      • So you received the $70 after you purchased the pixel 6? Or did you redeem the $70 with the pixel 6 purchase and then got the $100/$150 store credit?

        • +2

          I received and redeemed the $70 from Google Local Guides, and then got the $150 store credit notice in the confirmation email.
          And I also received another $70 promotional code separately as well.

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            @LLBK: Interesting - they told me that I couldn't combine these two promotions. That's why I ordered without waiting for the code.

          • @LLBK: You got the $150 confirmation ready? I thought it would only be available after the refund period has passed.

            • @SmiTTy: No I haven't got the credit yet, SmiTTy.
              It just a heading on top of the email.

  • Level 6, no email.

  • Low level 6, didn't receive a code

  • Level 4 contributor and no email :(

  • Level 5, received the email two hours ago, and the link to redeem the code is at the bottom of the email.

  • +1

    I ain't buying this phone until I see a JerryRigEverything video on it.

  • Nice. Thanks. Just cancelled and reordered mine :)

    • What's your delivery date out of interest? Mines in a week but if you order now isn't it January?

      • Nope. Original delivery was 27-28, and the new preorder says 28-29..which was the only reason I happily reordered.
        Im getting coral p6.

      • +1

        Mine is Oct 28/29, Pixel 6 Sorta Seafoam 128. Ordered this morning with the $70 Bday code. Got the Guides code as well but didnt see it until after i ordered. Doubtful you can stack both. Got the $100 credit at least

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    I'm level 3 and got the email but doesn't seem to be working (coupon code doesn't exist).

    • Same, sent an email because their live chat is unavailable due to demand…

  • :/ pixel 6 pro in black 128/256GB is out of stock :(

  • This is just in the generic newsletter for all local guides it would seem

    • Level 5 here, received the letter but no code there :-/

      • Mmm me neither but there's a link thought it'll auto apply in the background. Could be wrong

        • below the Redeem button, it says:
          "Redeem by: November 7, 2021
          Click on the Redeem now button above to automatically apply your discount at checkout. This offer can be combined with other offers."

  • I am Level 7 and didn't get it either. Anyone mind sending redacted screenshot of what it looks like?
    I received the newsletter this morning.

  • Does this stack with studentbeans?

    • Studentbeans no longer works on the P6

  • Looks like it won't stack with 10% google one, and 150 pre order. Anyone managed to get both?

    • Yes it definitely should stack. If you go out of the checkout, and then back to your cart, you should see a pop up on the top and on the bottom, mentioning both offers. Perhaps screenshot to stay safe.

      • +1

        Haiyaa, it's not working for me. I can see both $150 and 10% google one but not $70 off… says coupon invalid..

  • Level 6 and nothing. Didn't get the socks last time either :(

  • -3

    Spycam lol

  • is this eligible for the $150 credit and the pixel A buds on top?

    • Yes for the $150, no for the buds (not a Google store offer)

      • ah yep havent had my morning coffee and mixed up two offers hahaha

  • +1

    Level 4 and got the email. It didn't come with a code per se but a redeem now button at the end.

    Also received a 2nd email which offered the same discount for making a purchase on the Google Store during the birthday Sale. I recently purchased the Google TV + Netflix Bunde. This email had a code.

  • Level 4 · 479 points - got the email but i get an error code that the coupon doesnt exist and is invalid.

    • Had the same issue when I tried at 6am and it's still doesn't work now 😑

      • Same and now OOS

  • awesome - i got the code, unfortunately i'm going to pull the trigger on a Pixel 6 i think, or do i go the pro now.. damn.

    • +1

      Why is that unfortunate?

      • +6

        It was one of the most indecisive comments I've ever seen. Or was it? I think so. Maybe not.

        • +1

          I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure

  • Please use the code request megathread for code requests/offers

  • I'm level 5 and got the offer at the bottom of the "xxxxxxxx, your Local Guides Community Newsletter is here" email early this morning.

  • So you need an account on localguidesconnect.com?

    And make sure you have subscribed to the email notifications…

  • The reward is in their newsletter: "your Local Guides Community Newsletter is here"
    and it say: "You’ve earned a reward! Scroll down to claim it! "

    The real question is: can I use the voucher with the JB-Hi-Fi deal:
    buy the pixel 6 pay 929 and get the bonus offer worth 149?

    • No why would you… it's an offer through Google direct it has nothing to do with JB they have their own promos

      • Yeah on the face value, but I thought someone will be bold enough to ask a price match from JB (:

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