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[VIC] $3 Evening (4pm-4am) and Weekend Parking in Melbourne CBD @ First Parking (34-60 Little Collins Street)


First Parking at 34-60 LITTLE COLLINS STREET is offering $3 Evening and Weekend parking in Melbourne CBD until the Sunday 30th November 2021.

No need to book online

$3 flat rate payable on exit. Doesn't matter if you stay for 30 mins or 8 hours. It will be $3 payable at the exit, per exit, per day.

Evening (entry after 4pm & exit before 4am)
Weekend - 4am - 4am the next day flat rate.
Charges recommence at 4am daily.

Car Park is open 24/7

Entry via 34-60 Little Collins Street or 55 Bourke Street.
Height Clearance of 2.0m

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  • but i heard parking is free at crown

    • -1

      Problem is it is a hike over the river into CBD.

  • +1

    What is the RRP? Asking for jv before she asks you.

    • +5

      Sunday 30th November 2021

      Literally says it in the first sentence mate

      • -2

        My bad, it really needs to be added to the deal’s expiry date though otherwise the deal might be marked as expiring early.

  • +4

    What's clearance like? Asking for a friend

    • +2

      Height Clearance of 2.0m

      • +12

        Is this on the way in or the way out.

        • +3

          I hope this becomes part of the Ozbargain canon, like Broden and high-yield investment vehicles,

        • +1

          Wondering why that matters? You plan on entering and never leaving?

    • +1

      I thought your friend doesn't have to worry about the height clearance anymore since the roof rail and awning had been uninstalled?

  • -2

    Any Sydney bargains?

    • Might be some in 22 00 brotha.

  • Will the 20% Express Member discount apply if we did book online?

    • +1

      Correct Express discounts apply.

      • So it’s $2.40 if you’re a member and you book online?

        • +2

          Spot on! You just don't need to book online.

          Simply register for Express - https://www.firstparking.com.au/express/

          You attach your credit card and can drive in and out on license plate or QR Code (back up) and will receive 20% discount on our standard rates.

          • @First-Parking: Just to confirm, if we sign up, we can just buy single use entry parking instead of monthly?

  • Looking at the small picture I thought the carpark was flooded… no wonder it's cheap

    • It's grease for a better parking experience!

  • This is good timing, I have dinner reservation at shmancy new Yakimono in a few weeks, which is 2 minutes walk from the car park.

    I registered for Express so even easier and cheaper.

    • This was really good last Sunday, two entrances, via Bourke St and via Lt Collins. Google Maps photos still show it as a Wilson, but in real life it's all changed.

      As I pre-registered for Express, it had my name on the machine when I went in :)

      Gonna use it again on Friday night, so convenient to Russell St restaurants and others, also can grab a tram down bourke.

  • How can I book online though? I'd prefer to, since I'm turning up in the middle of the day on a weekend. I want to make absolute sure there's a space for me!

    • We have 940 bays, so it is never completely full.

  • So is there no online booking? You just turn up? Once I am registered for Express with my care rego, do I just drive in and it recognises the car and will auto charge my account and attached credit card?

    • that's correct - no need to book online. Its License plate recognition with a QR code as back up.
      We have 940 bays so plenty of spaces and a great rate without having to book.

  • Hi OP, I tried to find this in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and I kind of got lost and gave up.

    Looking again on Google Maps, is the entrance actually on a small alleyway-like street called Mcilwraith Pl?

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