PC Not Recognising Monitor - Help/Ideas

Hi fellow OzBargainers,

Trying to fix my PC, the issue is monitor won't recognise my desktop. I have tried the following:

Connecting via GPU in all slots
Connecting via motherboard in all slots
New HDMI cables
Tried multiple monitors

I'm running out of ideas, any help would be much appreciated 👍


  • did it happen suddenly ?

    • Yes, tried turning it on one day and no luck

      • any beep sounds ? did you try to clean RAM/GPU & reseat, etc
        if you have a CPU with iGPU, you can try removing external GPU and try to boot with iGPU
        try to do CMOS reset as last step after

        • No beeping sounds. Yeah tried all the above too :(

  • You might just want to call up an expert, or bring in your PC/monitor into a computer shop.

  • Tried multiple monitors

    So you connected your PC to other monitors that are known to work?

  • Yeah, the monitor seems to be okay, as I connected some consoles. I'm thinking it's an issue with the desktop?

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    What components do you have? most recent AMD CPUs don't have video out via the mobo and you have to rely on the GPU.

    I would recommend opening up the PC and check if components are loose and reseat them. I've had to reinsert RAM before that was causing issues.

    • Motherboard - MSI b150m bazooka
      CPU - i5-6500
      GPU - 1060 GTX

      • It's got integrated graphics then. Did you remove the GPU when you connected the mobo to your monitor?

        You might need to go into the BIOS and make sure the integrated graphics section is configured properly too.

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          But has no screen………….

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    Need to see if it actually booted properly. Have you checked the diagnostic LEDs on your motherboard?

    Your title made it seem like the monitor is the issue.

    • Have you checked the diagnostic LEDs on your motherboard?

      Yep, check the debug lights on your motherboard to see if any turn on when you boot the computer. That could help narrow down the cause of the issue.

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    I'm running out of ideas, any help would be much appreciated

    A couple of weeks ago I had to go through this process with a few old work machines that were put into storage at the start of covid. These machines were all 2 - 3 years older than yours. It's time consuming, dusty and not fun. One of the three machines had a motherboard error before it was put into storage.

    Unfortunately, it could be anything but these kinds of errors (considering what you've already tried) typically turn out to be a fault in one of the following:
    Faulty ram.
    Motherboard Fault.
    Faulty Power Supply.
    Loose Connection.

    Start stripping the computer down to the bare minimum. I typically do it piece by piece (trying to boot) on each piece removed. You can get down to power supply, motherboard, cpu and still have a fault. If you get to this point, disconnect and reconnect the power supply. Try another power supply if you have a spare. If still not working, reseat the CPU. Remember the thermal paste. Ideally, you'll try replacing hardware on what you suspect is broken, but if you don't have hardware lying around, this will cost you, doubly so if you're wrong.

    If it works at any point, start building it back up, trying the boot piece by piece seeing if you can identify a faulty piece of hardware. Sometimes you won't find a faulty piece. It could be an intermittent fault or a loose connection.

    It's hard (and more time consuming) if you don't have diagnostic equipment or an appropriate working test bench to test suspected hardware parts.

  • monitor won't recognise my desktop

    You mean your desktop wont recognize the monitor

    Does the monitor have a 'select' button for input? Is it set to the correct cable type?

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