Logitech G POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System - $159 Delivered (Was $199.95) @ Amazon AU


Its not the cheapest it has been but Staticice shows that this is one of the cheapest out there.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Great price. However, the quality of these is kind of strange. I used it for one year. It stopped charging my mouse…..

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      That's worrying since that's the key point behind this. Does it still connect to the mouse at least so you can keep the original dongle elsewhere?

      • It still connects to the mouse (without charging). I tried to contact Logitech, but they want me to contact Logitech US (I bought it from the US). At that point, it was just too complicated so I gave up.

    • Did you contact Logitech? My experience has been opposite and I got it pretty much from the day it was released together with the G Pro.

    • Try playing around with the software.. I had the g403 paired with it and had to repair it via the software to the g pro wireless X in order to get it charging with the new mouse… The Logitech Hub software can be flaky at times so an uninstall and reinstall should usually fix such issues

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  • This is there normal price. got my friend one of these for his bday about 2 months ago for this price on Amazon.

  • good price, i got this for the same price at JBHIFI when they had 30% off… i think it was 20% but this scanned for $159

    i have 2 of them the first i bought online from pccg but had to get a refund…

    im mixed about it really, the pad still has a cable,. id prefer if if could use wireless charging under the table to be all wire free….. but oh well

    second, it can be flimsy don't bend the mat or u break it.

    third, it can behave odd at times, it does stop charging at 80% or what ever for a reason, not to over charge, but i had times where it went to like 0% it was still charging but not showing and it still worked for days at 0% im thinking of ditching it and using a third mouse as a battery charger instead and not using a mouse matt, these dont need it and it would be cleaner, i would also settle for a charging cradle. Id also prefer white…. but u can never win in this world can ya!

  • ive had this product since launched and still works pretty flawlessly. paired with a g903

  • I'm just curious to what the actual point is? I use my G903 all day, every day and i charge it up probably once every few months. Is it really worth $160? I've always wanted to impluse buy this but it just seems so unnecessary.

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      Because when you do need to charge your mouse it’s a massive pain. I usually try to remember to charge mine once a week or probably more often.

      If I ever forget, then I have a cable I use that’s as thin as possible so I don’t have that awful cable drag feeling. Id love one of these but not for the price, it’s at most a $40-50 convenience for me.

      • I still am all for the battery AA and AAA batteries for mouses for that reason. It is heavier and has less battery life than built in batteries, so I can see why the manufacturers are moving away from them though.

        The gist I was getting is that the trend is for lighter mouses, which I think has a huge impact on battery life. G903 is advertised at 180 hours of battery life whereas G Pro and G Pro X Superlight are 60 hours for G Pro and 70 hours for G Pro X Superlight (that 10 more hours advertised by Logitech surprised me a little to be honest).

      • it’s at most a $40-50 convenience for me.

        Agree… For around that price I'd consider getting one, but not for $160-$200. What a waste of money.

    • I'm the same. I charge my mouse once every few months so it hasn't bothered me.

      The main reason I got a lightspeed mouse and keyboard is so I don't have so many cables on my desk. Adding a cable to the mouse pad just defeats the purpose.

      That said, I would pay for a small wireless charger for the mouse just to save the hassle of plugging it in… Man I'm lazy.

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      I'm just curious to what the actual point is?

      The point is for Logitech to make more money, selling you something that is not really that useful…

  • At this point why can't they just have sensors in the mousemat? and the mouse could just be a pickup for the sensor in the mousepad?

    You wouldn't need a battery at all in the mouse.

    • I could see it working with a capacitor or something but at that point you have to design a line of mice that are only compatible with power play, and if you’re unwilling to include it in the sale then you cut off most of the market.

      Sometimes I use mine with my laptop when I go away for a few days, I’d have to buy a new mouse for that purpose, or pack the mouse pad with me.

      Seems like something no one’s really asking for. I think a week long battery life and the option of this charger is probably the best position.

    • Razer has that. Mouse with no battery. Issue is that the mouse need to be on the Mat all the time or it will die.

  • Owned one of these and the soft mat frayed and wore out after a few weeks of use.

    Ended up getting a razer goliathus and put the charging mat under that instead, perfect fit.

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    Cheaper to get a second mouse and alternate.

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      That would also have the benefit of only half the wear and tear, potentially doubling the life of the products…

      Or if one dies, you can still use the other one…

  • Would have been great for me if binglee didn't cancel my g903 order

  • I bought it from HN this Jun for $138.

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    Jeez i think id rather just buy two g pro wireless instead

    • Exactly, why bother for that price

  • Anyone know if this would work with the G502 Wireless? The box shows compatibility with the G703 & G903 though.

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