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[PC] Free - Corridor 7: Alien Invasion (Was $9.49) @ GOG (VPN Required)


German VPN required. I just used the free Tunnelbear VPN on my phone to pick it up.


Alien life has been discovered… and they’re angry.

A team of scientists experimenting with a small, metallic object brought back from Mars used it to open a gateway linking our world with another deep within the top-secret research lab known as Corridor 7. The thrill of discovery was short lived when hostile alien creatures began pouring out of the gateway and into the facility. Now it’s up to you, a lone Special Forces agent, to enter Corridor 7, eradicate the alien invaders, and close the gateway before the invasion takes hold!

Full credit to mydealz.

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    I thought you don't game?

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      I don't. I was only testing.

  • "Plot" lifted straight from Doom?

  • Thanks

  • Worked, Thanks!

  • There's a NSFW review of it here, but the short version is, it's not a great game, even for the time it came out.

    Still, it makes for good content for YouTubers.

    • Ah yes civvie! Always had fun watching this one

  • I feel like I've heard of this game before…

  • Still free

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    any recommendations for a free VPN extension for Chrome since Hola has been blocked for a while now :(

  • Cheers!

  • This game is based on the wolf3d engine not the doom engine and really pushed the limits of what you could do with it.
    Although I have good nostalgic memories of this one the truth is the levels are long, repetitive and lacklustre.
    Incidentally the demo version of the game is better. They dropped some of the content for the final version to it's detriment.
    Price is right, it's not worth $10 thesedays..

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    Worked on Windscribe Free Frankfurt.

  • does not seem to work anymore

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