Have You Pre-Ordered The Pixel 6? If So Which Deal?

After sifting through all the deals and weighing all the little intricacies id love to know what OzBargainers went for.

I have done a little analysis google sheet that goes through all the different deals that have come through OzB and tried to calculate the purchasing value.


Feel free to comment on the cells ill be sure to update with the crowd knowledge.

pixel pro 128GB comparison
Name Total Bonus value amount less bonus required plan length Bonus item min plan amount PM Other comments
Telstra $1,099 $1,099 0 55 Shopback $55 on signup<br>70k telstra points but don't see it<br>$65 plan comes with $100 discount voucher
JB HIFI $1,299 $124 $1,175 Nest Audio
**JB HIFI (telstra 69 port in) $1,299 $624 $675 12 Nest Audio 69 Cancelling plan requires a payback of $500 GC**
Harvey Norman $1,299 $124 $1,175 Nest Audio
Harvey Norman 65 optus $1,299 $524 $775 12 Nest Audio 65
google $1,299 $220 $1,079 $150 Credit Additional local guide discount $70
Vodafone ($40 pm) 1299 159 $1,140 0 pixel buds 40 73% cashback<br>You'll receive 50% off plan fees for the first 3 months on selected Vodafone Infinite Plans
Optus ($45) 1299 159 $1,140 pixel buds 45 return a pixel for $300<br>Not allowing price match for pixels!<br>8.4% cashback

Poll Options expired

  • 28
  • 7
    JB HIFI no plan
  • 4
    JB HIFI with Telstra plan
  • 2
    Telstra with plan
  • 2
    Harvey Norman
  • 2
    Optus with plan
  • 0
    Harvey Norman Optus
  • 0
    Vodafone with plan


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    +1 for the dedication

  • Any suggestions on pixel 6 pro cases?

    I like the bumper Case from rhinoshield but they haven't released a case for the pixel 6 pro yet.

    Thoughts on other cases from Google, Spigen, caseology, moment etc?

    • +1

      I got the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. Same case I've gotten last three or four phones.

      • +1

        Thanks for the suggestion! Im eyeing that too!

        Back in the days I had the ultra hybrid for my galaxy nexus, nexus 5 to rock that stormtrooper + transparent/Gray case look. :P

        • Went into JB to pick up the bonus nest audio and ended up getting the google case for $35 for now.

          Might get rhinoshield/spigen/mous if need additional protection down the track

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    That appears to be Pixel 6 Pro pricing, and not Pixel 6.

  • The nest audio or Google credit don't actually make it cheaper.. it's just free crap they've thrown in.

    • not cheaper…but something for nothing.

  • Thanks for the analysis

  • +6

    P6Pro 512GB

    I went with Google, but used Google One 2TB monthly plan ($12.49/mo) for an extra 10% store credit on top of the $150.

    I also used the $70 off coupon from the birthday sale (it arrived in my inbox today).

    Subtotal A$1,599.00
    Discount - A$70.00
    Total A$1,529.00

    Store credit earned
    10% Store credit A$152.90
    Google One

    So, $1,611.49 ($1,599 plus $12.49 for One sub)
    Minus $70 birthday coupon = $1,541.49
    Minus $150 pre-order store credit
    Minus $152.90 10% store credit
    Comes to $1238.59

    The Google Store credit has value for me. I'm already invested in the Google Nest ecosystem and I want both the new Pixel wireless charger and the Nest security camera floodlight combo unit some time soon.

    • +1

      Very nice - playing the long game with google.

      Would have thought carriers/retails would have more leverage but googles pulled through with being able to stack different discounts.

  • Have You Pre-Ordered The Pixel 6?

    Wheres the no poll option? I have not preordered nor do I plan to preorder, however I do plan to buy the phone when it is available in stores.

  • I ended up with both the Google and JB hi Fi preorder
    Question is: is it better to get the JB on release day or the Google on 3 Jan?

    JB gives me nest audio and Google gives me $70 off and $300 store credit (I'm on Google one and got the $70 off offer for being a local guide)

    • How'd you get 300 credit
      Thought it was only 150,

      • the answer is literally in my post - specifically $302.9

      • Think U also get up to 10% as store credit if U have google one subscription

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    What's the Harvey Norman $65 Optus Plan? I wasn't able to find it. Is it the Optus Plan through Harvey and a gift card?

  • Just picked mine up today! 2 days earlier than expected!

    • Amazing where from

      • I called up my local JB yesterday and they were notified by Google that preorder could be collected as of yesterday. YMMV

        • I also called up my local JB Hi-Fi yesterday after seeing people collect theirs on Whirlpool. They said they heard no such thing from Google. 🤦🏻‍♀️

          • +1

            @kerfuffle: My mate had similar experience.

            It's a bit silly though, I was able to pick up my phone but the phone cases were still on embargo so have to wait until tomorrow to pick one up.

          • @kerfuffle: Same just called my local jb, and they said I can only pick it up tomorrow.

  • Has anyone else had issues with the Shopback $55 on signup for Telstra, the cashback is activated and you can start the order but once you go to checkout it is disabled for some reason.

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