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10c/Litre Fuel Discount for Existing Linkt Fuel Discount Customers @ Coles Express (Display E-Mail on Mobile Required)


Received this email this morning (voucher barcode is in the email) I am an existing Linkt customer who has used the 4c/litre discount in the past. Using this discount passes your info to Shell, who can then contact you for things like this. I would expect they have provided this discount to all Linkt customers who have previously used the discount?

It can be stacked with the 4c/litre Coles supermarket discount.


  • This offer is available from 23rd October 2021 to 11:59pm 24th October 2021 AEDT.
  • This offer is non-transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash and valid to the recipient of this email only.
  • Offer can only be redeemed once on a single transaction and valid on a purchase of a minimum of 2 litres to a maximum of 150 litres of Shell fuel (excluding LPG and Adblue).
  • Offer can only be redeemed using a smartphone or tablet screen with internet connection and access to this offer email whilst in-store at the participating Shell branded services station – you are solely responsible for ensuring that you have the relevant equipment and services to access the internet whilst in store.
  • You must only use your tablet or mobile device safely in-store and correctly redeem the discount. The participating Shell branded service station reserves the right to refuse processing the offer on the basis of irresponsible mobile or other device use on the forecourt.
  • This offer cannot be stacked with any other offer provided to you in whole or part by Viva Energy. If you present any other Viva Energy fuel funded discount offer for redemption from any other party, only the highest cents per litre discount will be redeemable. For clarity, this 10cpl discount fuel offer cannot be stacked with your 4cpl Linkt Customer Rewards discount fuel offer.
  • This offer however may be stacked with selected offers provided by Coles Express at Shell Coles Express sites. This may include the Supermarket Shopper Docket Discount and "Spend $20 get 10 cents per litre fuel discount (exc. ACT)", subject to terms and conditions available at www.coles.com.au/coles-express/terms-and-conditions. This offer is not valid for Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorpass or Motorcharge transactions.
  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, Viva Energy excludes all liability for any loss, damage, injury or death suffered or sustained in connection with the use of this offer.*

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    Thanks for posting

    This offer is available from 23rd October 2021 to 11:59pm 24th October 2021 AEDT.

    Talking about being stingy!

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      To be fair, the image/email clearly indicates that the promo is because they're doing technology upgrades today which will render the normal 4c barcode as unavailable temporarily.

      So they've preemptively sent out an email with a barcode so you don't need the app while the upgrade is taking place.

  • +15

    If you can get 711 price lock that will probably still be your best option

    • +2

      Best feature used first time last week and saved 15 bucks

      • +1

        I didn’t even know abt that. Was using Didi 5cent discount on 711 till last week but now using fuel lock only. Guy said both can’t be stacked but its still worth it.

        • Saving me a lot too. That’s the only way we fill up now :)

        • If you do some research on ozbargain, you will get it. I have used 711 in couple years :D

        • How do I get the Didi discount?

          • @shoppe: By having driver account, you get 5-10cent discount depending upon weekly performance. 5cent is minimum and you can do 2 fill in one day.

    • Is this actually correct or is it better to use something like FuelWatch in WA for example?

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    Hi Braden.

  • +1

    Surely the most poorly run stations in Australia? My local just got bulldozed, pretty sure had 1 customer a hour due to always being more expensive

    • It seems to be that way here, and they were first to raise their prices and last to lower them. (The latter was a handy signal on when to fill up, especially as there was one just near work in the way home).

      But at the moment they all seem to have different prices here at the moment, and the most expensive is apparently a Caltex.

  • +3

    So expensive now 10c discount not enough for me XD

  • Thanks for the heads up, never noticed the linkt rewards

  • Still too expensive! Compare to 7-11 fuel lock

  • +3

    What are other vouchers/barcodes available to save on fuel? I am aware of Toyota, Uber and Carsales. Thanks!

    • @rick5042

      Thanks for reminding me about carsales
      Have a 8c deal there today 👍

      • +1

        Carsales give 8cents for the first time use,4 cents thereafter. No bad, given you don't need to shop at Coles. And it stacks up with Coles shopping barcodes as well.

        • What's the uber one? Is it only for uber driver?
          How do you get the carsales one?

  • Eastlink tag should do the same :(
    Wondering whether using Linkt tag cost the same compare to Eastlink tag?

    • No difference in the price you pay for tolls. Only difference would be any fees for the account/tag (which it looks like both Linkt and Eastlink don't charge anything besides requiring an initial account balance deposit).

  • Generic barcode?

    • +1

      It won't be. Usually have to activate and use there and then.

  • Didn't get an email.

  • Yeah nah. Using the fuel lock in 7/11 is much cheaper. I can get like 30 cent cheaper compared to my local stations. Way more than any voucher discount docket can give me.

  • Thanks. Saw the email but didn't both scrolling down.

    Any state can join linkt, just pas $1 to set up the Sydney account.

    Good for those with second car and need something after carsales.

  • Does anyone know if this can be stacked with the carsales discount?

    • +1

      No, only one barcode
      But can stack with flybuys

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