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3in1 Aluminum Adjustable Tablet/Phone Stand $14.24 (Was $18.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Anjoo Direct Amazon AU


Hianjoo 3 in 1 Aluminum Adjustable Multi-Angle Tablet Stand, Foldable Mobile Stand/Holder Desktop Stand for Tablet/Cell Phone/Switch Lite - Black

Free Delivery with Prime / $39 Spend
Commit to get the parcel within one week.
Amazon stock

270° Foldable adjustment with solide quality.
Anti-scratch and anti-slide silicone cushions for extra protection.
Extra watch stand as a upgrade fuction, not just a phone/tablet/Switch Stand.
Wide compatibility for 4 to 10 Inches devices, even with protect case.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Are these little NickNacky random items really deals? So much clutter filling the OzBargain threads lately it's becoming more like advertising than a true bargain site.

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      Actually, I've been looking for something like this so yeah you never know it can benefit some ppl.

      • Fair point, I guess what each person is interested is going to vary & just because I'm not interested doesn't mean others won't be.
        You'd have to agree though OzB has changed a great deal in the 6-7 years since I first joined, but as with anything it can become a victim of it's own success.
        I do miss how it used to be though I'm some ways.
        Anyway enough of imitating my grandmother ;D

    • Agree. There's thousands of these and they vary by a $1 or so. Want to see only crazy bargains so this place isn't swamped

    • I’ll be honest haven’t seen actual bargain in a while. Saving $1 off a chocolate bar or some money of ridiculous lego set…

      Where’s the cracking DEALS @

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      ozbargain has lots of ways to filter out what you don't want to see. if its not really a deal it shouldn't get upvoted a lot and you can exclude them via your filters.

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    These or similar were $10 at Aldi a few months back.

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    Bought one, hope it's a good product. Will report back.

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          No swipe down to permanently delete

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    Bought this few days ago. Better looking and round same price if not cheaper with current 20% off coupon. Works fine with my standard iPad & phone. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B088WRDNMB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

    • Thanks, going to order this one for comparison.

    • Doesn't have the slot for the watch, doesn't have the padding at the top and is 1cm shorter.

  • -1

    Cheaper elsewhere.

  • I have no affiliations with this seller but I think we need to compare apples with apples.

    Just because another product looks similar and costs less doesn't mean they have the same quality. I personally don't mind paying a little bit extra for a quality product especially if it's going to see daily use.

    I've received the Amazon shipping notification, will let you know how it turns out.

    • They're exactly the same stands other than some design changes due to possible IP infringements.
      You're paying $6 more for something that is made out of the same material but ships from Amazon instead of eBay?

  • So my order has arrived. Seems to be well made, no sharp edges, does the job, can't complain. Am not too fussed about the looks, the colour matches my phone.

    Regardless the brand you buy, getting a stand like this is a really good idea, wish I had bought one sooner, makes a big difference in the way you look at the screen, it's a much more comfortable viewing position.

    • Agreed, I have 3. I got caught out on a cheaper one on amazon so its important to get a good one:


      The new one I bought is the one on the left and was pretty useless so had to return it. On standalone pics they look similar - its hard to judge the scale.

      That said, I'm ordering the one on this post. it looks sturdy, especially with the rounded legs at the back and the additional padding at the top.

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