[QLD] Kopparberg Pear Cider 24x 330ml Bottles $24.95 @ Dan Murphy's (KippaRing)


Cheap corn syrup and pear flavoured additive. Enough to get us happy this weekend.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's


  • Any flavoured?

    • +7

      Yes, all are flavoured apple

      • +1

        Surely that's a pear on the label?

        • +2

          Sure is. Amended. Wasn't paying attention. Too drunk.

      • I read this after the revised post as just being blatant passive aggressive lol

  • Great for your sorbitol needs

  • Time to get f$! eyed for f$! All

  • just one store?

  • +1

    I'm reading pear on the cartons.

    • So it is. I didn't even pay any attention

  • Pear Kopparbergs taste like crap whether its from can or bottle
    If really want to get ozbargain pickled go for the 440mL hard cider 6 pack for the same price, but more standard drinks

    • You can't buy 24 of those for the same price?

      • My bad, thought it was 10 packs… hopefully it tastes better after 24

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