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Let me know if the sync box is worth it. I already have a bunch of hue lights and tossing up on buying the sync box or a philip ambilight tv
24/05/2022 - 12:43
Harvey Norman have a 4K 75" philips ambilight tv compatible with hue lights etc for $1500
19/05/2022 - 12:17
They are popular everywhere but Australia it seems. The built im ambilight tvs have been around for years everywhere else. Can hook up Hue...
17/05/2022 - 15:44
Are there no Philips TVs with the Hue systems build in to avoid the need for a box. Ambilight TVs?
17/05/2022 - 11:13
So the credit collection is just randomly painted old models?
08/04/2022 - 11:35
Not this brand but 3080s have sold for under 1600 I recent months. Plenty discord channels to do the tracking for you. Enjoy fluffing...
26/10/2021 - 21:29
Il be interested when it's sub 1500
26/10/2021 - 19:13
Il stick with my 1080ti for another year stuff these scalping prices
24/09/2021 - 18:43
Why are you paying these crazy prices. Even $500 off is still high
22/09/2021 - 17:42
Iv just upgraded from a 2600x to a 5600x Im going 3080 when i can see a good deal. They seem to falling in price now
02/09/2021 - 12:42
I think i seen some as low as 1500
01/09/2021 - 09:10
Agreed. Let the stock sit on the shelf to price drop to normal prices
27/08/2021 - 05:24
For that money i would just modify a standard 3080 to look the same. Regardless of collectors or not its price will plummet when the next...
25/08/2021 - 11:57
Why would anyone pay either of those prices for a 3080 when places are starting to stock them now. Even at $1800 they are overpriced
25/08/2021 - 11:52
Seems the none rice roll rubbers
04/06/2021 - 21:10
The wank factor? Food and wank are two things generally not put together
04/06/2021 - 21:08
Fair question. Id like to know too. Rice would need to be ouy of this world
04/06/2021 - 21:00
Cheers ordered three of each flavour. Mixed fruits is coming in at $13.00 but still cheap enough.
24/04/2021 - 15:03
Finally ordered. Been eying these up since the black Friday prices. Cheers OP
11/04/2021 - 07:29
Thanks, was the postage alot? Ignore that just re-read $120
08/04/2021 - 08:26
Still waiting on $500-550 again
07/04/2021 - 20:20
I want an S5 Max but can't really call this a bargain... They have sold for $500-550 AUD a few months back. Sticking a discount code on an...
22/03/2021 - 12:29
Nothing to see, release Top gun 2 James Bond
23/02/2021 - 15:45
Still seems pretty high for the S5 Max when they were going for under $550
12/02/2021 - 15:50
Apparently better than the standard s6 pure for its larger water tank
07/02/2021 - 11:46