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LEGO Technic: Land Rover Defender Collector's Model Car (42110) $216.99 Delivered @ Zavvi AU

  • Features authentically designed bodywork with Land Rover emblems, original-design rims with ground-gripping tyres, removable roof rack with storage box, pannier, ladder and traction mats, opening doors, bonnet and rear door, plus a detailed cabin.
  • Functions include a 4-speed sequential gearbox, All Wheel Drive with 3 differentials, independent suspension on both axles, detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine and a working winch.
  • Cabin features a detailed dashboard, working steering wheel and forward-folding rear seats that reveal the 4-speed sequential gearbox.
  • New-for-October-2019 transmission system with 2 levers for engaging high or low gear ratios and a selector for changing gear – the most sophisticated LEGO® Technic™ gearbox to date!
  • Check out the olive green, grey and black colour scheme.
  • Lift the bonnet to see the detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons.
  • Open the doors to access the detailed cabin.
  • Turn the rear-mounted spare wheel to open the rear door.
  • Includes a collection of authentic stickers.
  • This LEGO® Technic™ set is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience.
  • This set includes over 2,500 pieces.
  • Land Rover Defender measures over 8” (22cm) high, 16” (42cm) long and 7” (20cm) wide.

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    Oil leaks?

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    This set has less plastic than the original.


  • zavvi is an utterly horrible place to buy from.
    Go read the reviews.
    They're not based in Australia in any way.

    I purchased a Blu Ray from them not realizing that it was in 1080 60I format, I had asked to cancel within an hour of purchase. I got an email the next day stating they could not due to it was in the process of shipping but they sent me the process on how to cancel.
    Then I find out the item is NOT located in Australia but coming from the UK, so in the email they stated that I should wait till the item arrives then send it back for refund.
    Not only did I not get a tracking number but I would have to burden the cost of return shipping with tracking number as proof. It would have cost me more to ship the item back than the actual item was worth.

    This was the rarest of cases that the Blu Ray was not 1080 24P, details were not available on the movie on their website so my claim for refund was legitimate, the issue was how Zavvi makes it impossible to cancel any orders by having the process they do.

    Read the reviews, this company that tries to make out it is an Australian business but is located in the UK and will not provide any tracking numbers for your items.

    Please do your research before possibly wasting your money.

    • +1

      Calm down, I bought Lego from them recently. They're fine. Package was well packed and came in at a reasonable time. Stop being dramatic.

      • +2

        Not what I said, read the reviews, let others understand what is being said by the consensus rather than your 1 purchase.


        Good luck with that.

      • -2

        I also bought Lego from them thinking they were based in Australia but delivery took about three weeks to arrive.

        After payment, it took them 24 hours to process and ship. They said I’d get a tracking number within 72 hours after payment but it ended up being two weeks. I constantly had to ask them and they kept saying they’ve already emailed me the details which wasn’t true. I wanted a refund but they said I’d have to wait until the order arrived to me.

        When I finally received a tracking number, it took another five or so days for it to arrive to me.

        They’re obviously not based in Australia which is false advertising, in my opinion.

        Didn’t bother with the refund as item was as described but didn’t like their lying about delivery and tracking.

        • Just because it's a .com.au address doesn't mean a lot.

          Under contact us it states the UK.

          I've had in general a good outcome with orders. Just need to factor in it will take several weeks to arrive, a small price to pay for the significant discounts they offer at times.

          • @tm32: Means a lot more than you can imagine.


            Registering a Domain Name

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            Under the auDA, domains registered with .com.au, net.au or .org.au must be registered by:

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            To be a sole trader, business or company, you are required to register an ABN or Australian Company Number (ACN). While you need to have an ABN or ACN to get a ccTLD domain, there other avenues to registering a domain name, which are available to owners of a:

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            incorporated association number.
        • Don't know why you got voted down BUT the risk is that if people want this as a Xmas present, due to the way shipping delays are kicking in, it would be wise to buy locally.
          I was lucky that I had not spent a lot of money with them but if you read the reviews, 15 5 star, 13 in between and resounding 136 1 star reviews.

          If this is not a warning sign for people to be cautious, I do not know what is.

          EDIT I will add this, Afterpay is not longer a merchant for them, I did call AP regarding what they were doing to me with respects of not being able to cancel an order and be forced to send the item back at your own expense, making it impossible to recover any money.

          It seems I am not just the only one who made a complaint against Zavvi to AP.

          • @DisabledUser409314: Anything but zavvi

            • -1

              @sputmayer: Agreed, it seems that if you have had a bad experience with Zavvi, this can't exist, only positive ones do.

              Buyer be ware is all I can say.

    • Lol, user name checks out. Dramatic indeed.

      Myself and many other AFOLs on OzBargain have bought dozens and dozens of Lego sets from both Zavvi UK and US without issue.

      I purchased a Blu Ray from them not realizing that it was in 1080 60I format

      Then I find out the item is NOT located in Australia but coming from the UK

      Sounds like user error to me.

      • -1

        Sounds like you again don't know what you're talking about when they never specified what format it was in.
        Given they lacked the details, they were in error.

        Thanks for proving my point right though, that Zavvi should be avoided at all costs.

        • Sounds like your anecdote has jack-all relevance on a deal for Lego.

          • -1

            @Gnostikos: I can assure you my anecdote is very relevant and valid when you go read people's reviews that I linked, not sure what your fabulous story of

            Myself and many other AFOLs on OzBargain have bought dozens and dozens of Lego sets from both Zavvi UK and US without issue.

            has to do with Zavvi Australian site?
            Thanks once again for proving my point and that yours has nothing other than an ill-informed posting from someone wanting to be heard or possibly held?

            • @DisabledUser409314: Firstly, it's the same goddamned business owned by the same parent company. All the regional Zavvi stores plus iWOOT are owned by the UK-based e-commerce company, The Hut Group.

              This is well known to everyone but yourself who naively assumed that any website ending in .au or offering transactions in AUD is automatically 100% Australian owned and operated.

              Secondly, if there were this many issues with Zavvi as people like yourself claim, then their deals wouldn't be routinely posted on OzBargain.

              People here aren't completely retarded and are generally quite savvy when it comes to weeding out unscrupulous vendors. We've had countless stores blacklisted from this site due to their shoddy business practices and incredibly poor customer feedback.

              Zavvi routinely features on OzBargain because tons of OzBargainers regularly buy from them without issue and their prices on Lego sets are usually some of the lowest at any given time.

              Your claims are nothing new. I've been on this site since before Zavvi was even an online store. There's always one or two hysterically vocal commentators such yourself on every Zavvi deal swearing up and down that Zavvi is some comic book-villain-esque megafraud enterprise and then there's everyone else who mostly likely purchased from them without issue.

              As per usual, no one bothers posting a comment on a deal to say "everything went well" but people who had to pay return shipping on perfectly merchantable goods that they just didn't want, always come back to peddle some sob stories.

              • -1

                @Gnostikos: Actually owned by the Australian business, but thanks for letting us know even your wiki cannot help.

                K bai.

    • -1

      How is it hat you found out the format of the DVD within an hour of the purchase, if it’s not stated in the website? Sounds like someone did their research ‘after’ making their purchase and not before. Who’s fault is that? You even stated that the item you purchase was as described. So what did Zavvi do wrong? This deal is for lego, which is at a good price, from a company which many on here have purchased from before without issue. They even do their research before they make the purchase and are still very satisfied with the entire experience. The deal is for purchasing something you find out later we don’t want and then expect a refund for out lack of research. So your downvote is irrelevant and again due to lack of research before hitting the submit button.

      • -1

        No that is NOT what happened, I sent them an email after finding out it was indeed 1080 60I, not due to MY fault, but their lacking detail.
        I sent an email and they cut an posted the same, sorry already in the process of sending.

        Don't try and defend their actions when I was entitled under their own policies for a cancellation and refund.
        The fact is that you cannot cancel is the issue here. Try not to confuse that right?
        My down vote for a company that does everything to avoid cancellation is relevant, just not for you because it does not suit your false narrative.

        Again these reviews speak volumes.


        • -1

          So how did you find out it was not the format you wanted then?

  • This'll look good pulling up to my Lego City school

  • +3

    Eh bought from them before and came in excellent condition. Only downside is it takes a while for them to arrive

  • Big W (oops no stock) and Amazon currently have it for $223.20…

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