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[eBook] $0 - How to Day Trade for a Living & Excel 2021 an Ultimate Guide to Learn The Basics of Excel @ Amazon AU/US


A couple of freebies for you. The Day trade ebook is a hugely popular one.

ebook US link AU link
How to Day Trade for a Living: A Beginner's Guide to Trading Tools and Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology (Stock Market Trading and Investing Book 1) US AU
Excel 2021: Excel 2021 An Ultimate Guide To Learn the Basics of Excel and Its Formulae and Functions to Make the Best Use of This Tool in the Modern World US AU

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    Hmm. So before knowing How to Day Trade for a Living I need to buy a Kindle to read How to Day Trade for a Living then I can start Day Trade for a Living

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      Or you could maybe use the kindle app?

      • Is it possible? That would be awesome

        • +7

          You can download Kindle app for your phone/tablet, Kindle desktop app for PC or just read it in your web browser using the Kindle cloud reader.

          • @Agret: Thanks for the tip!

    • +1

      you gotta spend money to make money…

      • +4

        Worse still you can spend money to lose money. One is up against too many professionals with offices to research and analyse up to the minute market factors, who can also lose money.

        • +2

          and one's who have their own network pipes so they get information milliseconds before everyone else.

        • Or one can leverage unencumbered decision making and tight risk management to participate in short and long term market trends.

          • @tedzr: But, AFAIK no one in the history of mankind has done this on a sustained basis.

            • +2

              @jalwa: It's impossible to win 100% of the time. But it is possible to make good money from the markets. Markets are dynamic human systems and are inherently inefficient, they are certainly not a 'random walk'. All algorithmic and quantitative systems are (initially) developed by humans and interact with other humans. There are many individuals who have 'beaten the market' many years in a row, some by extraordinary amounts. Markets are binary, the only outcomes are ultimately up or down. If you want a good starting point to explore this idea you can start with Jack Schwager's excellent book, 'Market Wizards'. There are many more examples in market law and history. The key thing is that the majority of people under perform the market and would find superior returns investing in a market index as advised by the late and great Jack Bogle.

              • +1

                @tedzr: Thanks. Let me check the book.

  • +52

    Yup, it doesn't say "successfully" day trade for a living.

    • +1

      πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    • +3

      thats 2nd book not free. you have to pay lol

      • -2

        Both books are free on the AU site. Not sure what you have been smoking.

  • +44

    My Wifes boyfriend got me this book for my birthday, 10/10 would recommend!

    • Hey mine too!

    • +2

      Sure it was Day Trade ?

    • +4

      See you on shift at Wendy's tomorrow!

      • I work behind the dumpster, which one are you?

        • Checkout chick

  • Good book and you can listen on YouTube if you don’t like reading

    • +4

      It's not a good book, it's explaining to fools that they can beat the stock market.

  • +2

    Our money is ok right?

  • +10

    or just join r/ASX_Bets

    • you joke but my portfolio is up 30% because of suggestions from that subreddit :p

  • +1

    For the first few months. Whatever you are thinking of doing. Do the exact opposite, no matter how tempting it is.

    • Yes it's proven that you can be equally lucky in the short term by being a contrarian trader.

    • That you, George?

  • +1

    Surely people are not going to spend thousands of dollars day trading from reading a free book right?

    • +3

      I'd not be so sure

  • +11

    Buy High, sell low. It's easy!

    • You totally won people over with the sell low part

  • +2

    Buy and hold AMC, GME and SNDL, and wait to become rich, it’s simple.

  • Clover Health gonna make these bags lighter, I just know it.

  • +11

    Don't do it - day trading, it's gambling and while you might get lucky the only surefire winner who can make a living from you are the agencies you pay your trade fees to. I've been a market trader, so have inside info on this ;)

  • +16

    Thanks OP I left my job after reading this book! It's life changing, I now live in my car…

  • Everyone's a genius in a bull market…given how long the bull market has been going for, bear market can't be far away

  • +4

    How to Day Trade for someone else's Living

    • ironically, you can day trade with someone else's money - as a Prop Trader. I've heard of a lot of people doing well ( non youtubers btw ) at it.

      But, you need to know your forex inside out, and have a robust, backtested plan, with supreme money management.

      It is achievable.

      Flame on.

  • Cheers!

  • +4

    This is sure to make anyone a small fortune, so long as they have a large one to start with.

  • +1

    A quickest way to make 1 million is to start with … 2 million. Here my understanding of trading
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  • Day trading. What could go wrong with that? πŸ™„

    • +4

      Trading at night!

  • damn… keep missing out on excel guide

  • And now Amazon think that is all I want, my amazon front page is plastered with more of them.


    Trading extravaganza!

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