Ethical Made T-Shirts by Young People $24.95 (Was $59.99) + $9.50 Delivery (Free for Orders of $50+) @ Noffs OP Shop


A local Op Shop has gone online as they haven't been able to reopen from lockdown as yet. All profits go towards programs supporting disadvantaged young people. Looks like they have marked down their t-shirts and shoes made from ethically sourced materials by the young people. There are also a range of items that you would expect to find in a Op Shop - including a number of brand new items.

Flat rate postage $9.50 with free delivery on purchases over $50.

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Noffs Op Shop


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    How young are the Young People? Hopefully 16+?

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      I can get a tshirt made by a 10 year old for way less than $25!

      Great brand/cause though. Personally not a fan of the design but ethical, Australian made shirts for $25 is a bargain considering what other brands sell Australian made shirts for.

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      So you won't support the under 10s in the sweat shop? Ageism.

      Just joking. Noff's do important work especially with the homeless.

      • I mean realistically, those 10 year olds in sweat shops are doing it to keep their family alive so unless the 'ethical' solutions are giving money to those children, they are hurting them (and their families) more than the job was.

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      Haha. They strictly only employ unemployed refugee children

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    I bought a bunch of their reusable shopping bags. I'm going to use them as Xmas gift bags.

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    XL Gazman jacket for $15 in menswear section, very nice.

    Hopefully they add many more great items!

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    I would pay $20 for Australian made plain Tee's if I knew they were made here even though I can easily get them for $4 or quality ones for $10-$15 on sale.
    I think lots of people would tbh, I wonder what it would cost to manufacture tees, hoodies, trackies, underwear ECT you know the stuff bonds used to make I'm Australia when I was kid.
    I think given the retail margins & shipping involved if they were sold direct it would be fairly feasible esp if you kept it to only common easily sellable stuff.
    Anyway throwing it out there of you make a decent plain tee you'll have at least one ready made customer lol

    • There's currently about a dozen Australian manufacturers of basics including tees. See, eg, Australian Stitch.

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    Yeah, nah.

  • Sweatshops are better than brothel I guess

    • Dépends what you are after, the services are quite different.

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