YouTube Premium Via VPN

Is it legal to buy cheaper international YouTube Premium via VPN? Is it against their Terms and Conditions?

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    Yes. Yes.

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      Have I been doing it for over a year… also yes 😂

    • Same here. Yes, yes.

  • Who cares if it's legal or not, as long as it works lol

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    Just don't do it on your primary Gmail account and you'll be fine. That way if they cut you off you won't lose access to your email.

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      Shit I wish I had thought of that. Going to be awkward using android without my Gmail account. LOL.

      • I'm sure it is unlikely to happen, but there's a chance nonetheless.

  • Yes and yes but who cares about TOS.

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      I don't want to part of a human centipede

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    Use a throwaway email as the main. I did that with YouTube India family membership. Less than $4 a month.

  • Anyone done it in the last few days ? I got an error doing it recently and was previously successful doing it a bunch of times for friends. Wondering if the workaround is over now or if it's something else I need to figure out.

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