nbn Available but Not Installed (Diagram) ?

I'm looking at a property. It is a duplex amongst a few copy/paste duplexes (almost looks like a townhouse complex but it's not).

The NBN map says that NBN is available and is coloured in purple however NBN is not installed for any of the duplexes facing X street.

However behind the duplex is a detached garage with a little laneway. Across from the laneway is another few sets of copy/paste duplexes which have FTTP.

Does anyone know what is going on here or if it will be expensive to install NBN in this duplex property? My theory is that the developer went cheap and just omitted the NBN install during construction?

Diagram: https://imgur.com/6uPEjsL


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    expensive to install NBN

    Easiest way would be to select an ISP tell them you want to sign up with them and they will contact the NBN and get all the information you require.

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    if the nbnco website says it's ready, then contact whichever isp you want to go with. you will probably need to book an appointment with them for a technician to come and install the required equipment. that's no extra charge to you

    • Can confirm, I live in WA. After noticing that nbn was available, I rang my isp or a nbn consultant and they organised the whole thing, digging up the front and hooking it all up, fast forward a month, the techy came and installed the nbn router. And it was free, apart from the costs of signing up to an nbn package but they count it as an upgrade and waive all termination charges if you stay with your current provider.

      In my case, the bnb node had a limited number of connections, which was about half of my neighbours so first in first serve, the rest would get screwed until they upgrade the node.

      • For what it's worth nbn don't install routers. nbn install modems or NTDs.

        • I think most people would go through their isp and so get router and plan bundled in. I don't know what it's like dealing with NBN directly or whether that's possible.

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        Most of us got screwed with FTTN anyway…

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    you weren't kidding about copy/paste lol

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    If it’s been recently sub divided, I would be checking if the new development fee has been paid and you can actually get it. You might find that you can’t get NBN for ages if it hasn’t been done properly

    PM me your address and I can check

    • PM Sent.

      • check your PM.. replied

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    Put the duplex address in here. Does a premises location ID come up? Yes/no? (don't post the location ID here).

    • It does come up but it has 10 different lots.

      What's also strange about this address is while it is a Duplex it has its own number without a subdivision so eg. 55 and 57 as apposed to 55A and 55B.

      The website you linked gives 10 different options. If we assume to house number is 55 it gives the options:



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        What's also strange about this address is while it is a Duplex it has its own number without a subdivision so eg. 55 and 57 as apposed to 55A and 55B.

        This is reasonably common.

        You often (always?) see this when buying a house - the street address might be 27 Smith St, but the title will say something like Lot 79, Development Plan 123456. The telco address database sometimes has both street and lot numbering.

        PS: it's "opposed"

    • Every single option for this address comes up with this:


      • A premises service class of zero is FTTP. Are the duplexes fully built or still in progress?

      • Not ready for service yet…. Come back next year, Apr 2022.

        • As long as it's certain to receive NBN sometime in the future I'm ok with that.

          I'll deal with 5G or ADSL for 6 to 12 months.

          Just need that confirmation.

  • Y Street and X Street seem really wide and each Property doesn't seem very deep. lol

    • Y Street and X Street are just normal streets. Z Laneway is small.

      The houses on X Street goes like: House > Garden > Garage (detached from house) which backs onto Z Laneway.

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    Run some Cat6 cable to your mates on Z Laneway, and buy them a carton every month. Problem solved!

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    Literally just had this issue.

    If NBN website shows in purple means you can access the network
    When you book with an ISP they will request NBN to come out and pull the fibre from the main pit (usually on the street) to your home and you will get a grey box on the side of the house (this is the $300 NDC your ISP will charge you)
    Once this grey box is fitted a second installer will come out on your install day and connect the NBN.

    Somewhere on your house you should have some conduit with a rope hanging out of it (external wall)
    This is where the builder of your home will have run the NBN access so they can put the FTP box in your house (usually in the garage)

    Developers are not able to exclude NBN from the building by law, a failure to allow for the connection would result in a compliance certificate not being issued.
    When the development was in planning they would of been advise by NBN what tech you were getting and run access accordingly.

    Just call an ISP and book an install
    (expect it to take 2-4 weeks atm)

    • nbn is the default statutory infrastructure provider for new developments. Developers don't have to choose nbn. OptiComm, DGtek and other carriers are allowed to be used instead of nbn.

  • NBN installation is about $300 in SA.

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