Toolkit to Mod Watches - Seiko

Hello - my son has asked me to buy him a toolkit to mod Seiko watches. I have no clue and would appreciate any help given. I would prefer to get him something nice as it is a present but have no idea about cost or quality.

Links to any recommendations would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


    • Thanks, I'll have a look at that forum

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    What is he wanting to do?
    Are we talking fairly basic stuff like changing straps/bracelets, bazels etc. or a bit more involved (swapping hands, crystals, dials etc.)?

    • I think the latter, hands and dials etc

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    You said "nice". Sit down before you look up prices.

    I have had to make a simple repair on my son's Seiko. The oscillating weight had come loose, and the watch would no longer wind. He was quite upset, as I had gifted him the watch and he really loves it (even though it was only a $100 automatic).

    I own a LOT of general purpose tools, including a few sets of precision screwdrivers up to what I would call very good quality. These days, I don't skimp on tools, but I do have a watch case opener that is a little bit cheap.

    Since my son's Seiko is a cheapie, I had at it with the tools I have to hand. I have a lens tool I own (for camera lenses), which worked better than the watch case tool, and I got the back off without scratching things up. It was tough to get it moving initially though, and I was wishing for a holder to make the job easier. My precision screwdrivers were useless on it. I managed though, and tightened up the weight, closed it up, and crossed my fingers.

    The watch has been running fine in the months since my little repair.

    I ordered a suitable Bergeon screwdriver to fit the weight screw for next time it (inevitably) comes loose again. A much better fit for the finely cut slot screws in a watch.

    Anyway…I guess my point is, get the best you can. If your son is serious, and you're happy to spend the coin, then a case holder, watch case opener, and a small screwdriver set of decent quality would probably prove much more useful than a larger but poorer quality set.

    Maybe ask these guys: …I've not dealt with them directly, but they seem to stock a lot of the tools.

    • Thanks for that Banj0

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    You could buy or get inspiration from or

    I got a new watch face for my seiko 5 and was sort of challenging to get it done. Maybe have a search on google, aliexpress and ebay. You can buy kits which have a few tools such as case back remover, hand remover, watchband link adjuster, crystal insert tool, magnifying glass.

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