Hoover Ranger Robot Vacuum Cleaner $299 (RRP $599) Delivered ($0 C&C) @ Godfreys


Seems like a reasonably good price for a robot vacuum with laser mapping ability.
Specs are a bit light on, can't find details of suction strength, no mopping function.
Might be a half decent option for some.

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    Not too sure I trust that RRP unless everyone is clearing the same model out for the same price.

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      Me too. I posted this a sneaky way to try and get some feedback on the deal before purchasing.

      Looking for something in this price range, and not sure what is best

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        Of course the Xiaomi are best in this price range, can be had usually from between $279 and $329 based on whether you want gyro or lidar (go for the lidar) , and you have all the specs and evidence you need that it's good with cheap parts available from ali/ebay/kogan/etc

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          Can I be bold and hijack, and check which model you’re referring to?

          This is roughly my price range, don’t care for mopping, but want a half decent vac!

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      definitely a dodgy RRP if it's Godfreys :P

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    Seems, reasonably, can't find, might, half decent

    Have my uptoot!

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      Thanks, I always said if something is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.

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        I like the cut of your jib

  • Hoover a bit late to the party

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    Product page says "Hoover® trademark is a registered trademark of Techtronic Cordless GP and is used under licence." seems like its just a rebranded no name vac. Comments on the only two youtube videos are not great either. Interested to know any feedback on someone actually using it.

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      Not entirely sure if it is rebranded just on the basis of that. Techtronic Cordless GP is part of TTI who owns Milwaukee, AEG, Ryobi, Hoover etc.

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        Hoover Australia name is owned by Godfreys, and no relation to the original Hoover brand.

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    Highly recommend the Roborock Series. We've got an S5 and it's been incredible after over 2 years of usage. I think they're up to an S7 now, but even an S5 will map the whole house, learn and relearn as obstacles move, and return to base to charge if needed.

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      I have an s7 and it's awesome but it's like $1200

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        Christ… it's needs to polish the floors too!

    • Got an s5 here and it’s pretty good.
      Sadly the new models can’t have Valutedo installed.. but mine does!

      • Valutedo? (googles)

        Oh…oh this is a rabbit hole I"m diving down now…

    • s5 max is the best

      • S6 Max is the best as that’s the only model with camera and it avoids all the frequent obstacles in the families with kids and pets.

    • +1. I've got the original roborock ($329 one) and can't fault it. It's still very decent so i can't really see a good reason to upgrade.

      • I have the original Xiaomi 1st Gen which is a Roborock. Still goes strong but will become a secondary vacuum soon as we got new carpets that are too thick for it to vacuum. Gets stuck and errors out. Our 2nd Gen Xiaomi which is the Roborock S50 works though. But has a strange bug where it won't return home after vacuuming. Have set up an automation to wait 1 min after vacuuming and then go home which seems to fix the issue

        • I have the same issue the S50. Reverting back to an old map or remapping the floor seems to work but i'll try your method.

    • I got the original roborock cleaner too (famous post by Roboguy on here in 2017).
      Mine is still going well, although I’m now having to replace battery for 1st time. $55 delivered on Ali express.
      Despite the trauma in waiting for delivery back when I bought it, cannot fault the product.
      Cheap service parts too.

      • I got Roboguy 1st gen. Roboguy was an amatuer but vac is great.

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    You are better off getting a Viomi V2 Pro for that price.

  • I'm looking for one without a brush roller underneath. I have some cheap one off eBay at the moment that doesn't use one and it works great but the software is broken in relation to setting timers etc… And the instructions are very minimal 😅

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    Does it suck?

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    Can you guys recommend a robot vacuum that uses lidar and also mops? We have tiles mostly

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      Viomi s9 uv. $499 delivered

      • NOT BAD for S9… not bad at all..

      • Thanks just put an order down for s9

    • Someone above recommended the Viomi V2 Pro. Doesn't look like any deals for it at the moment, but at $350 it looks like it might be better than this deal.

      • Yeah it's better than this one. S9 is good if you want the auto empty feature, which is very useful for me

      • Phenomenal deal for the V2 Pro!!! THANKS/

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