RTX 3080 or 3090 Advice Required


My son is learning to fly and his flight school have suggested getting him setup with MS flight sim which made me think should I step up and get a 3090 and start crypto mining or stick with 3080 and forget mining.

Are there any cards I should look at?

Any suggestions or advice would be great.



  • 3080 can also mining.
    3060ti can also run with MS flight SIM, 4k 30fps for slow plane or lower it down to 1440p/1080p for higher fps.

  • I’d say 3080Ti, you can grab them for under $2.5k if you look hard enough. Congrats!

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    LHR Mining isnt so bad on the 3080, you can use something like nicehash and still make about 6 dollars a day.

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    I'd suggest he runs DCS instead of flight sim. Flight sim is a simulator in name only. It's a game. DCS has intense realism.

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    isn't a 3090 just a 3080 that cost ~40% more but is only ~25% better?

    are you sure you can't run flight sim on a 3080? I get the game is demanding but i would be surprised if you can't.

    you can certainly mine on both. with just the default quickminer settings I've been doing on average $8/day on my 3080 for the last 3 months and that's in my main gaming and work computer so the airflow is not great. in fact i remember reading somewhere that 3090 is less efficient and often has cooling problems worse than the 3080.

    I'd say go for a 3080 because its a more efficient purchase and should still get you what you want. only if you are sure you need a 3090 would i get one.

    Edit - also forgot to mention you can safely run a 3080 on an 750w power supply, but i think the manufacturer recommends at least an 850w power supply for the 3090 and you will need a newer one with enough cables, an old model may not have enough cables. so its likey buying a 3090 will also mean an additional expensive upgrade because you also need to buy a new 850w power supply. (don't quote me on the exact wattage all i know is that for my 3080 i was told i need a 750w to be safe and obey all the recommendations.)

    • Problem is you can't buy a FHR 3080 anymore except by paying a fortune on the used market. All the 3090s are still FHR.

      Although I'm not sure how the LHR 3080 goes with alt coins, some seem to do pretty well.

      • oh i see. according to this website which obviously varies a lot but i found on average seems pretty accurate from my own experiences: https://www.nicehash.com/mining-hardware, the lhr model mines 75% as well as the fhr 3080 so your indecision makes a lot more sens to me now. but i guess it all really depends on what sort of deal you can get. definitely would still consider a 3080 if you can get a decent deal though.

        nobody knows what will happen when eth2 starts though so i would just focus on getting the cheapest card that will run the software that you want to run properly. personally i wouldn't be surprised if gpu mining takes a decent hit to profitability so it ends up more like hard drive mining where the return on investment is more like 2 years than 7 months.

  • What? turn down the settings… graphics aren't everything

  • I run MSF2020 on a 4K VR headset(Reverb) smoothly with a mere 1080. 3080 is fine.

    Also MSF2020 is good for GA, but he wants to practice flying airliners then XP11 is much better.

  • Don't bother, 3090Ti is gonna be out in another two months or wait a few months longer and the 4080 and 4090 comes out.

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