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Kingston 1TB A2000 M.2 NVMe SSD $120.21 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Hi all,

A great price for this Kingston NVME SSD again from Amazon. Enjoy!

About this item:

.NVMe PCIe performance at a fraction of the cost
.Supports a full security suite (TCG Opal, XTS AES 256 bit, eDrive)
.Ideal for Ultrabooks and small-form-factor PC (SFF PC) systems
.Upgrade your PC with up to 1 TB
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Capacity: 1000g

    Damn that's a heavy drive!

    • lol yes definitely seller error.

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    Haven't seen one of these on sale for a while…

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      Agree, it's too good to pass up at this price, it will go well with my ROG STRIX enclosure.

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        Am now glad I missed out on that recent deal. Just saved 10 bucks

  • Discontinued so jump on it while you can!

    • Yeah. I was like there still stock available.

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      Why is it discontinued?

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        Cost cutting. It was replaced months ago by the NV1 which lacks DRAM cache, less endurance and a 3 year warranty instead of 5.

  • What is an enclosure that will allow this to perform well? I am getting a new MacBook Pro that has usb 4 but I am only getting a 512gb storage so want to add an external drive for photos storage.

    • would like to know too

    • +2

      Aliexpress Orico enclosure works fine

    • The strix only has speeds of 10gb/s. This nvme is Gen 2 with read/write speeds up to 2200/2000MB/s, 

      Gigabyte g3n 4 has r/w 5500/5000 https://www.umart.com.au/Gigabyte-1TB-Aorus-Gen4-M-2-NVMe-SS...
      Gen 4 which is double the prize $245.

      My plan is to buy a mac pro 16" 512gb and add a 1TB thunderbolt external nvme drive with r/w up to 40/gbs (i think it will cost me ~$350) port portability.

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    OOS now :( just when I went to checkout.

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        haha probably I'm still learning.

        My WD SSD is positioned at the back of my motherboard. It seems glued, and its connector is not the same as the Kingston's, it's larger and has a cable to connect to the motherboard.

        This one seems to be able to just slide right into the PCIe slot.

        • +1

          They slide into a tiny m.2 slot, usually above the top PCI-e slot. They don't go into a regular PCI-e slot.

          • @Erwark: thanks! I'm going to see if my motherboard has that slot. Otherwise, I think it's going to be the same connection as the WD SSD. The PCI-e slot is for different use.

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    OOS, now showing 142.40 listing

  • Is there a 2t version?

    • Not in the A2000 series - if they HAD released a 2Tb version (and doubled the endurance) while only doubling the price it would have been a winner.. Actually, if they had a 4Tb version for around $500 with a TBW of 2400 it would have been a uberwinner

      Yes it's not the fastest, but for most games, you'd be looking at a few second (like 2-3 second) loading difference in real-world use.

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    Damn it missed the deal last time, missed it again this time

  • The price is coming down - better deal come soon!

    • This probably the best price. Kingston already changed this SSD and replaced it with NV1 with no DRAM.

  • What would be a comparable or better speed 2TB to watch out for in upcoming sales?

  • 142$ now, 120$ is a great price for a 1tb nvme drive

  • Cannot find it…only shows 142 one from is

  • Oh come on, I just missed it? dang it.

  • this ssd is a classic, kinda like the 2500k. everyone bought that cpu, cannibalized the competition and it's older brother - 2600k

    • It's a classic until the write speed drops off after a year of use.

  • Ordered last night. Stock was shown as "1 in stock". This morning saw an email from Amazon saying that the seller has cancelled the order. No reason given.

  • Great price, I paid $80.50 last month for 500gb A2000. The A2000 qorks flawlessly in a Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 5.

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    damn , missed it again :(

  • I'm still waiting for mine for the last deal it's 3 days late :(

    • If bought with prime, open a chat and complain

    • Mate, I received mine from the last deal almost a week ago. Hurry up and open up a chat window with amazon and complain.

      • Did you pay for faster shipping? They originally said Saturday but extended it to by today. Tomorrow I can get a refund but I want the SSD. Perhaps I can get a refund and it will still turn up?!

        • Nope. I had Prime membership but besides that, I did not pay for faster shipping.

  • Back for $120.08, in stock Dec 6.

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