Samsung Steam Voucher Redemption Failed - Bought from BPC Tech eBay, Not a Valid Retailer?

Hey guys,

submitted a claim for the samsung nvme steam redemption. Comments said BPC ebay was good to go, mine didnt work.

For anyone who did, what did you submit on their claims page?


edit: was waiting on rest of my parts to arrive, apparently the SN on the ssd itself is what is required, not the one on the box. That is probably the problem!

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    • Yeah I read that comment, thats what I used. Still failed with ebay/bcp invoices, which is why I am asking what others screenshotted.

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    Did the people you bought it from advertise that it could be redeemed, or did you simply make the assumption? Only certain stock qualifies. If the retailer doesn't advertise it as eligible, you shouldn't assume it is.

    Re the edit. They also wanted a photo of the item when I made my claim, so there's no point making a claim until it arrives.

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    few topics on this before, to claim the Samsung cash back or games etc it is the SN on the actual product, not on the box.

    prevents people from claiming just by looking at the boxes numbers in stores

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