eBay Delivery Estimates Using Global Shipping Program

Purchased something from the USA on 17 September and was shipped using the Global Shipping Program. I have been using eBay for a long time but this is my first experience with GSP.

Seems there has been zero update since:

20 Sep 2021
Shipped from the Global Shipping Center to International Destination
Erlanger, Kentucky 41025-2501

Tracking seems to imply it is in Australia and is being handled by APG, but APG has had zero updates. Is four weeks too long or is COVID causing delays of a similar nature to this? Or is it more likely the item is lost? It was a collectable of around $350 aud value and definitely easy to pocket if someone wanted to as well I guess. APG Tracking

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    Aus Post logistics is an absolute mess at the moment. Have been waiting for a game from Melbourne to Sydney for a month now with no updates… https://i.imgur.com/v6BlJsz.png

  • Global supply chain issues.

    Whether this is legitimate or "manufactured"
    (as part of the next global 'reset'), is another story altogether.

    There are caps on international flights, coming into AU too.

  • There is no indication the package is in Australia at the moment. The APG update only states they have received the shipping information, this will be documentation for pre-arrival customs purposes.

  • A month is not too long. My most recent item from the USA disappeared with no update for a month before reappearing and getting delivered 48 hours later.
    There is a big backlog of parcels, and they get to them when they get to them.

  • Ordered heaps of stuff on eBay using Global Shipping Program pre COVID, always took 4 weeks plus/minus a few days.

    • did you find tracking never updated etc and it was a long time before it actually said it arrived in Australia vs when it said "shipped to international destination?"

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