Blues Screen of Death on X1 Carbon, Any Recommendations around Melbourne for Repairer

I've got a carbon x1 and it's been working fine for the past 4 years.

Over the past two months, I get a bluescreen of death 2-3 times a week.

Looking for recommendations for someone around West Melbourne to look at it.



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    Have you tried:

    • Fresh install of windows
    • Remove then reseat ram
    • Cleaned airflow orifices
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      The X1 Carbon has soldered RAM if memory serves.

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        Well there goes that idea

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    You will need to post the stop error codes displayed each time or at least take pictures. These will help immensely with troubleshooting.

    • Hi
      Just got it again, here is the error it throwing up

      • That appears to be a device driver for an Intel networking adapter. I'm not sure what device it's for exactly but you want to first see if there are updates available for your network devices.
        An older version of the driver might be more stable. See how you go with a rollback of the driver.

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    Could be due to overheating. Have you managed to open it up and give it a good air duster spray clean?

    Alternatively, could be due to driver issues. Have you updated it fully? Reinstalled OS?

    If neither of those, could be parts failure. Assuming there's no warranty left.

    There's couple things you can try before paying for a diagnostic check. What's the BSOD error?

    • yeah i would recommend you check the overheating.. we rolled the X1's out at work a while ago (this was the gen 1), and they were always overheating

    • thanks for the tips mate. Ill give it a clean with some of the air duster spray. Ive checked the drivers all fully updated. Ill grab the BSOD error message next time it happen and it post it

    • Hi
      Just got it again, here is the error it throwing up

  • What does BlueScreenView say?
    Sometimes shows what causes the problem

  • Maybe incompatible driver?

    I had a Dell 1520 and installed Windows 10 on it. Wifi driver wasn't compatible and every few hours, it would Blue Screen of Death

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    Hey mate, see if your Carbon X1 was part of this recall, might be a reason why it's happening -

    • just checked not mine, wouldnt havent minded been sent a new one! :)

  • Error code?

    I've noticed a power state issue with my HP Spectr recently after a few updates.
    Haven't had time to troubleshoot, but if power state error, check that your battery settings (sleep etc) are not conflicting.
    Also, roll back any recent updates and see if it still happens.
    Another cause is often other driver issues, so go through your device manager and see if there looks to be anything out of the norm.
    You can also check our admin logs if you are competent enough.
    Another - run any inbuilt testing apps with the system.
    And check for any new updates.

    Otherwise - log a ticket with the vendor and get it checked, could be a hardware issue.

    • 100% not competent to check error logs. Made sure all the drivers were up to date, now it's just a waiting game to the next time it happens, so I post the error message to you legends. Already backed up everything physically and online

    • Hi
      Just got it again, here is the error it throwing up

      • Driver/Ram issue there (usually) with that one.

        Can you access the Lenovo hardware test app either via the bios option or by downloading from the Lenovo website?

        Run the driver check (using the lenovo tool) and run a full memory/ram test.

        If the test shows no issues with the memory, and there is no driver updates via the lenovo tool, then try this.

        • Start
        • Type 'command'
        • Click on 'run as administrator'
        • at the command prompt, type 'sfc /scannow' then click enter.
        • let the PC do its thing…

        Once finished, type 'exit' and the system will go back to windows.
        Reboot and see what happens after that.

        Hope this helps!

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    thanks so much, everyone, I'll grab the error code next time it happened and throw it in here.

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