Auto generate titles with multiple fields

One thing I see often is people saying "price in title", "store in title" etc. - it made me think - why don't we just have mandatory fields as part of submitting a new deal, which the system would then take to auto generate a title in a pre-defined format?

Product/Service Name:
RRP (if available):
Store Name:

And the system just joins it up and formats it as per our requirements?


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    Stop this common sense immediately. What will all the power users do now?

    I actually agree with you. It will be a more consistent format for sure.

    At The Moment The System Seems Hell Bent On Capitalising Every Word For Some Weird Reason and I'm glad to see you ignored the option.

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      If auto generated titles was implemented the power users can still fix spelling mistakes, add/remove tags, add missing details, fix wrong links/pricing/delivery/expiry dates, move deals/forum posts to the correct category, mark deals as expired or out of stock.

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        You can't fix this speeling mistake!

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    What a great idea.

    It would make life easier for everyone, especially power users.

  • Great idea!

  • Would be nice to see, more consistent titles. Some posts start off with [ ] and some without the brackets. Some have the price in ( ) and at the end of the title and some put it in the middle.

    Would definitely make it easier and make it look a whole lot more consistent.

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