Is a Refurbished iPhone Ok to Buy or Not?

Many mobile shop sell iPhone refurnished in a really cheap price , and those looks very new , however it only have 3 months warranty.

Anyone have purchased them before ?


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    Boost refurbished one seems legit. To be honest, able to get an apple device which is not stolen or locked to previous owner is worth the peace of mind.

  • You mean the random phone-cover selling stalls in malls and such? I personally wouldn't trust them at all. Not worth it.

    If it's a known reputable store then might be worth looking into.

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    Personally I somewhat take care of my stuff, and for something I'm gonna be handling every day for at least 2 years, I buy new.

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      Name checks out.

  • in my opinion it is safe to buy a refurbished products from a certified seller,but 3 months warranty is not fair
    atleast they have to provide one year warranty,otherwise don't take risk

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    I've got a couple from Mobile Federation on eBay, been good. 12 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee (which I claimed once when I got one more beaten up than expected; swapped it out for another one, no worries).

  • Mixed experience.

    Have had to return two under warranty. Got a refund on the first (a 6s purchased a few years ago for my son that was slow and buggy with ridiculous battery life) and then had to get the screen replaced within a couple of weeks on an iphone X. To be fair, both warranties were honoured with little fuss.

  • Bought a couple times on eBay store. I would ask to see photos of the condition and the battery life.

    Apart from that the phones were fine.

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