What's Your Opinion on PC Parts from StockX?

I've been looking to upgrade my CPU and found that 5800Xs seem to be selling for $400-450 on StockX excluding S&H. Are electronics sold on this site brand new, and is the return process simple if the CPU isn't legitimate?

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  • StockX is a middleman trading platform that take a cut, they don't sell products themselves. I wouldn't risk it.

    • They claim that they inspect electronics when they're passed through an authentication centre. I suppose CPUs don't count?

      • Processing Fee - A$17.64
        Shipping - A$25.00
        Total - A$630.64

        You are about to purchase this product at the lowest Ask price

        Not sure what checks they do but definitely not worth it. You're not getting a 5800X for $400.

        • That's for straight buying, but if you look at the sale history they've gone for $430 fairly frequently. I would be bidding ~$400.

          • @Void: Although on StockX the currency says A$xxx, it is actually in USD.
            So it's most likely not worth it then.

            • @anguscox1: Really? That's horrible.

              • @Void: Go to check out the item and it will change into $AUD.

                • @anguscox1: I got as far as payment method and it was still $430.

                  • @Void: Weird, In the past I have gone to buy something from StockX and I thought it was too good to be true. I'd be skeptical of the currency unless it explicitly states. Furthermore, the URL is ".com" so I'd say it's USD.
                    Just be careful?

                    • @anguscox1: I think I'll just wait now. Black Friday prices will probably be a little more but it's worth it to not buy from StockX.

  • +1

    Sees your username… adds an "A" to the front. Mission complete.

  • Hate stockx for shoes..

  • just wait for next ebay plus+afterpay deal or blackfriday

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