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G'DAY Mineral Sunscreen SPF50 $6.45 (RRP $12.90) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Astivita Limited via Amazon AU


G'Day Zinc Mineral Sunscreen SPF50

The weather is warming up and we are running this deal again, thank you for the great response last deal!


  • Australian Made Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50 provides superior UVA/UVB and Blue Light Protection. 40 Min Water Resistant
  • Mineral Sunscreen: Made using a high percentage of Non-Nano Zinc oxide. 25% Zinc Oxide w/w
  • Perfect for use on sensitive skin. Our Hypoallergenic formula provides excellent protection at the beach, pool or for day-to-day wear.
  • Reef Safe and Biodegradable Formula

Zinc Oxide is one of only two sunscreen active ingredients considered GRASE (Generally Recognised as Safe an Effective) by the FDA. Read about their latest decision around chemical sunscreen ingredients here

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    You've had an extremely diverse range of products in your store OP… whitegoods to kitchen fittings to inflatable christmas decorations to now Australian made zinc. Really trying to find that niche XD

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      Christmas Inflatable deal coming wednesday :D

      • I actually went looking through your deals because I knew you'd had an absolute cracker but couldn't remember which - the inflatable was absolutely what I was thinking. Keen!

        • We are trying our best this year - shipping and raw material costs have gone through the roof

        • It's up!

      • Yesssss. $10 blow ups please!!!!

      • Yes!!!!!

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  • Is this sunscreen TGA approved?

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      says on their website

      Made in Australia to TGA and FDA Requirements.


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        Thank-you, my work computer blocked the website due to it being "observed as a brand new domain".

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          TGA Aust L Number (ARTG ID): 314811
          All new products will be 100% Organic moving forward

          • @Astivita: For what it's worth, I hope you keep your existing products as-is. Organic is an empty buzzword IMO.

      • Doesn’t mean it’s approved by the TGA, be good to know for sure.

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      TGA doesn't actually test sunscreens, they just require companies to provide test results from sunscreen testing labs.

      • Reminds me of my misspent youth living in Sydney. Being a sunscreen guinea pig was of the many ways I supplemented my income, along with tasting pizza and various focus groups.

  • I'll vouch for this sunscreen. I have used it on hot days in Far North Queensland. Both on the bike and in the pool with the kids. It's one of the better ones. Bought it from the last deal.

    • Same. I bought some when they had this deal a few weeks ago. I wore it at the beach on the Sunshine Coast the other day without issue. It's thick like old school sunscreen, but it doesn't sting my eyes like new sunscreens do. I just use this on my face/neck and then use ordinary sunscreen on the rest.

      From what I understand, they haven't had a chance to get the certification for more than 40min water resistance, but judging by the consistency it should stay on for ages longer.

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    Could it be because just last week there was a study on Zinc suncreens by oregon state university? You can google it yourself and make up your own minds about the various types of sunscreens available.

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      Our sunscreens use 100% Zinc Oxide (Mineral) as the active ingredient.

      The study looked at petroleum derived chemical sunscreens by themselves and in combination with zinc oxide, a strong endorsement to use only 100% Zinc Oxide active ingredient sunscreens. As chemical sunscreen active ingredients can react with other ingredients in the formulation and form toxic compounds.

      The FDA sunscreen safety review, published 24/09/2021, has confirmed Zinc Oxide to be the only broad-spectrum active ingredient considered safe and effective, whilst the 12 chemical ingredients below have been identified as potentially toxic and/or carcinogenic:
      Octinoxate Oxybenzone Avobenzone Octisalate Octocrylene Homosalate
      Ensulizole Meradimate Padimate O Sulisobenzone Dioxybenzone Cinoxate

      We strongly believe a price premium should not exist for mineral sunscreens and want to take that factor out of the decision makig process when people decide which sunscreen to purchase for themselves and more importantly thier kids.

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        My word, you're right. A rep that actually reads the study rather than just the headline (click baits).
        It would seem that zinc particles reacts with the chemical sunscreens, causing degradation.
        Pure zinc oxide should be fine, as long as it's applied thick enough so that the skin has a white tinge.

        • This one is thick but it does the job. Our new formulations are tinted so that should solve the white tinge issue.

  • Swiped to the right and it's on its way. Will look into the benefits of 100% zinc later.

    Not sure on grams vs mls of similar products, but deal price seems good.

  • Reef safe, nice one!

  • Hey OP - just a heads up that on the gdaysun website of the links under Info at the bottom of the page, only Our Active Ingredient is actually a link. The rest are just text.

    Also, purchased.

    • Cheers! Some back in stock as well!

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    Full list of ingredients from TGA website:

    Zinc Oxide
    caprylyl glycol
    cetyl phosphate
    disodium edetate
    hydrogenated coconut oil
    isostearic acid
    mixed (low-alpha type) tocopherols concentrate
    modified food starch
    polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate
    polyhydroxystearic acid
    purified water
    Simmondsia chinensis
    sodium chloride
    white beeswax

    • Thank you! Just to note, most people consider beeswax to be non-vegan. Future formulations will no longer use this ingredient.

      • I'm sure the beeswax is included for a good reason.

        Rather the best product for 99.9% of users than a compromised product for the half of 0.1% that would notice or care that it contains beeswax.

        • It took us over 2 years to develop a formulation that provides the required SPF and stability without using beeswax.

          • @Astivita: Sounds like it's better to just keep using beeswax for this product then, and use the new technique for new products.

  • Is this safe for use with eczema? Fragrance-free?

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    Problem with mienral sunscreen is that they are so thick and uncomfortable making them not appealing to wear, in particular on your face. It is unbearable to wear it in Qld summer.
    I will stick with the Japanese and Korean ones for that purpose.

    • It's annoying to put on, but once it's on I don't find it to be a problem.

      If I'm not going in the water I wear a water based sunscreen which feels like nothing once it's on.

  • Argh!

    Just bought a tube of this at full price!

    … Oh well, I'd better buy a second one I guess haha.

  • Looks like mortein

  • Informative video from John Landis:

    Zinc Oxide and You

  • Thanks OP, seems I've got the last 2. Any more stock?

    • More stock in transit to Amazon - should be back up tomorrow
      (demand was a lot higher than expected)

      • Is this fragrance-free? I couldn’t tell from the description. Ok for use with eczema?

        • We will release a new product next week that contains only 3 ingredients and a high concentration of Zinc Oxide, I would recommend waiting for that product.

    • Back in stock!

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