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5kg Impact Whey Protein (WPC) Selected Flavours $56.85 ($52.49 Expired) + $7.99 Delivery ($0 with $99+ Spend) @ Myprotein


Update 26/10: Previous deal expired with 40% coupon code. However now using BACK35 still provides 35% off which is still a good deal. Updated details below.
In the shopping basket it does say "Exclusive: SHOPBACK 40% Discount" however actual discount is only 35%.

As most know no one pays standard pricing at myprotein. There is a promo code every week. However this may present some value as the discounting stacks.

Must use SHOPSPRING code for 40% off Must use BACK35 code for 35% off
Combine with shopback for even more savings as the promo code is a listed code. Further 10.5% cashback possible.

Selected protein flavours only:

Blueberry cheesecake
Chocolate mint
Matcha latte
Milk tea
White chocolate

Works out to be ~ $10.5/kg $11.37/kg.
Other flavours are standard/normal pricing $174.99

Other notables:
Slow release casein 2.5kg (chocolate & unflavoured) - $30.59 $33.14 ($12.24/kg $13.26/kg)

Extreme gainer blend 5kg (chocolate smooth only) - $37.49 $40.61 ($7.5/kg $8.12/kg)

Credits to google shopping page for the heads up.
Lockdown is over. Pick up a deal and let's get fit & shredded.

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  • Any deals for WPI?

    • I was also interested and hopeful for some but none

    • Waiting too

      • +3

        no whey

        • I see what you did there

  • +8

    For anyone who is wondering about the Milk Tea flavour - it's actually the black tea + sugar + milk flavour, not the bubble tea "milk tea" flavor.
    It's a good flavour nonetheless.

    • +1

      +1 for this flavour, a little thick when mixed with milk but not sickening and tastes decent with water.
      Pretty decent deal for this price

  • +1

    Hows taste and clumpiness compared to gold standard

  • +2

    anyone have any flavours they drink with water to recommend?

  • Don't forget cashback

  • +1

    Anyone in bankstown canterbury area want to share, let me know and ill make an order. Want to save on shipping

    • +2

      hey mate, we still need to meet up.

  • +1

    Must be a pricing error for MP to have it up at $10.5/kg without cashback. Ordered 10kg of my favorite milk tea. Cheers op.
    100% buy at that price. This is probably my like 30th kg of milk tea :P

    Their usual best best deals come in at ~$13kg but that is for every flavor and I just order milk tea anyway

  • Well done on this post with bringing together the discount code and the ShopBack reminder!

  • Thanks, grabbed a bag of milk tea & white chocolate. Worth a shot at that price

  • +2

    FYI: Some madlad did a taste survey on Myprotein flavours 2 years ago, see link for results

    Ranking (for discounted flavours this time)

    1) Chocolate Mint
    2) Milk Tea
    3) White Chocolate
    4) Unflavoured
    5) Blueberry cheesecake
    (Matcha latte N/A)


    • White chocolate was not at all tasty in my humble opinion. The rest I can't comment on..

      • I've tried a ridiculous amount of myprotein flavours. I am usually carrying something like 30-50kg in stock (for one person, I'm out of control).

        I do not mix with milk but I'll comment on a few:

        Blueberry cheesecake is my go to for morning protein. They used to do a very good (but candy like) blueberry that has since been replaced with something that tastes more like blueberry and cigarette butts (to me, each to their own). I mourn for the original blueberry. I have bought the WPI, I've bought the AUS blueberry and I've occasionally repurchased the UK blueberry in the hopes they would go back, alas, always the cigarette butts.

        A lot of the good flavours from the UK have not been available here.

        Pineapple, if you like the stereotypical pineapple candy taste. I hate real pineapple, but it is a very good tasting protein.
        Rocky road is excellent and extremely desert like.
        The cinnamon danish I have (from like 1-2 years back, it's taken me this long to get to it) is very good but mine tastes exactly like their limited edition german gingerbread, so I'm not sure if I either got a mistake batch or whether they just rebadged it.
        Raspberry is quite nice
        Hokkaido milk is good but the last bit I tried (from AU) tasted like a parody of the original, it was supremely bad

        • Have also bought Hokkaido milk a few months ago…horrid stuff. Tastes like the back of your throat when you drink milk that's just on the verge of going bad, but with artificial sweetener added. Trying to slowly add incredibly small amounts to other flavours to use it up.

          My favourite is the original blueberry.

          If you like to have a lot of flavours in stock, throw in sample packs every time you order. They're not always available in every flavour though - I started ordering them for a convenient travel pack as I went overseas a lot for work…well as you can imagine still have quite a few kicking around now!

    • White chocolate was horrid 🤮🤮🤮.

      Gave it to someone, ask if they tried it. They haven't said anything yet, that was over 2 months ago.

  • +2

    Anyone know how this compares with bulk nutrients wpc?

    • +2

      From what I understand you may have to rate this slightly higher in quality as it is from the UK and grass fed cows as opposed to the USA which are grain fed.

      That may open a debate so I'll leave it there..

      • +1

        Bulk using mostly Aussie WPC in their products when I asked their CS last month.
        Won't get into grass vs grain either - even NZ herd is supplemented with grain if there isn't enough grass to go around from what I've heard.

        • +3

          Last I'd heard BN had jumped on importing WPC from the USA and continued importing their WPI from NZ.

          That's why they'd passed on a saving at that time but it's slowly crept up over the last couple of years.

          Originally it was sourced there in Tassie.

          • @cristobaljames: Which one is better BN or my protein? Which one is better for wpc and wpi ?

  • Had the salted caramel and chocolate. Tasted pretty bad. Can taste the strong artificial sweetener. If you value money over taste, then go for it.

  • +1

    i will wait. they normally have 40-45% sale

    • +1

      It's 40% off a half price deal and you've the added value of ShopBack and express delivery (over 99 duckets)

  • +1

    wow thanks op i bought 1 x milk tea and 1 x match latte 5kg each !! damm im set for 1 year of gainsszzzz

  • +1

    Told myself I wouldn't buy anymore protein powder before I got through my Amino Z + BSC orders from last time there was a sale..
    This was too good to pass up, bought 10kg. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      lololol same.

      There was that place closing down a few months back. Stocked up.

      Then I bought 5kg off eBay the other week because $50 eBay plus voucher.

      Now this, another 10kg. Too bad I can't just live on this stuff.

      • +1

        That was quick, just got an AusPost notification.

        Oh wait, AusPost. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  • $10.5/KG is a good price. Thx OP

  • +2

    Anyone tried their vegan protein? Is there any good vegan one?
    I had tried the strawberry and it was awful

  • Has anyone tried chocolate brownie??

    • +1

      It's not bad but not great..

      Tastes better mixed in with oats then it does in a shake imo

  • +2

    All the pre-discounted flavours appear to have been removed from the code, ends up being 40% off all the other flavours only!

    Get the message "The discount code you entered is invalid or not applicable to the contents of your basket." unless you add full price ones.

    As an FYI, we get totally ripped since they opened the Aussie warehouse. The prices in AU with the 40% off codes are the same as full converted price in the USA (and then they get 40% off that on top). That on top of the poor product selection these days with many products not being available in AU, and shipping from the UK website now seemingly not an option anymore make me think I won't be using them too often anymore.

    The only thing keeping me there for now is I find their creatine to be the best I've ever had (I have the elite one if it makes any difference to the product). I also didn't mind their calcium caesinate, but every retailer seems to be out of stock of that one. Micellar caesin is really quite unpleasant by comparison.

  • was a flash 50% off last week, will wait for black friday and get 15-20kg WPC

  • Anyone know of a good meal replacement on the cheap?

    I usually get myprotein but they never have the choc flavour in 2.5kgs. I'm getting sick of caramel, and all the other flavours are horrible

  • +2

    Not working anymore?

  • Anyone know what the expiry date on the milk tea is?

  • From my experince, last time i got WPI 5kg for $60 from them it was very close to expiry date.

  • not working? cant apply shopspring to the discounted wpc but can for full price items. did they patch it?

  • +4

    go to shopback.first and apply code back35, will automatically pop up 40% off exclusively for shopback

    • +2

      This one works thanks …. it says 40% off but checking the receipt it really was just 35% … still works out to be $11.37/kg + shopback rebates if they come through.

      • Yes that is awesome!!!

    • Works, thanks. Bought choc mint, let's see how it goes.

    • Thanks for checking! I've edited the post & marked it as active again.

  • +1

    It's 50% off now no code, hahaha it stacked with some cash back code wooo hoooo 20kg $227.44


    • Also 23.88 cash back tracked

    • +1

      What flavours did you get? I want to get choc mint and one other - you're game getting 20kg unless you've tried them before!

      • +1

        Yes, I just get no flavour am used to it

  • Which flavor is the best? I don't really care if it's not a big discount, all the listed flavors sound disgusting from the names :s Sorry to say

    • Strawberry cream is good.. lol names

      I always order no flavour and mix it with raw quick oats

      • I am also thinking the same LOL get flavourless, I did some research and found that Chock mint gets a lot of good reviews too. I can't buy 10Kg as someone mentioned expiry is short so I am tied between the two now :D Thanks

        • Mine just got delivered expiry date 11/22

          • @jonathan111: That's good to know, thanks a lot :)

            I bought 1 Kg plant based whey protein in 2019 and still have it 😂 lol don't know what I am going to do with 5 Kg, maybe put it in baking and stuff.

            • @sqheaven: It's fine for an extra few years, I would have it, this should last me a year, just keep it dry and if possible not in a hot area.

              • +1

                @jonathan111: Awesome, I think the same. The vitamins don't expire, they lose their potency. Maybe I should finish up my previous stock first while new arrives. Thanks

          • @jonathan111: Delivered already from this specific deal?

            • @cristobaljames: Yes. I was shocked!!!

              Also got 5 bags of acetyl carnatine from BN in Tasmania to Sydney in 24 hours morning to morning yesterday.

              • @jonathan111: Mine is a day late past the estimated shipping time so hoping it doesn't get canned 😬

                • @cristobaljames: I ordered 5kg unflavored, shaker and a pair of gloves :D Back to gym life. BTW, if you add 10Kg, you get free express shipping which is 1-2 days, I think this is what happened with your order.

                  • @sqheaven: I most def chose the express shipping option as there was a choice between that and regular..

                    Will speak to the customer service team via chat when I get the chance tomorrow.

                    • @cristobaljames: I paid 87.49$ with shopback code activated, is this the right amount for 5kg?

                      Their chat is online from South Africa! Try it now

                      • @sqheaven: How are people getting $11.37/kg.? 😂

              • @jonathan111: My order was cancelled just after I spoke with them online via chat to see what the hold up was..

                Man what a disappointment!

  • Order cancelled.

    New code BACK35 doesn't stack with SCARE code either.

  • Order also cancelled

  • +2

    Order cancelled but I already received a tracking number, shall see what happens..

  • I guess I was lucky and good that I got 20kg at $10.178 per kg with free exidited delivery, there was a choice of free standard or free expedited.

    Maybe you didn't get that option.

    I'm going to have two scoops now to celebrate.

  • Order got cancelled whilst I ordered the earliest too :(
    Going to mark this expired.

  • Order cancelled this morning.

  • I got an email this morning saying:

    We expect your order to be dispatched in the next 48 hours.

    Which is odd because AusPost marked it "received and ready for processing" on Tuesday.

    • Mine is the same with AusPost, but it now being Thursday and they received it Tuesday….. I am losing hope I will get it.

      I didn't get a dispatch email this morning though. I got the order cancelled email from MP is all

      • +1

        Oh no. I was going through the rest of my emails and at 3am got the order cancellation email.

        Not sure what's happening now.

        AusPost reckon they've got it. MyProtein cancelled the order and also sent me an email apologising my products hadn't been sent out yet.


        Will post any updates.

        • Just got another cancellation email for the same order.

          AusPost still think they've received the order and I have tracking + est. delivery date.

      • Still no movement from AusPost on my parcel other than 'we have it' on Tuesday. I might not get lucky

        • Just got email this from MP, bit of a joke by now…
          We are aware that your order 1234 for the below items have still not been sent, we will continue to work to have your order dispatched as soon as possible.

          • @knobbs: I just got another "sorry your items haven't been sent yet either" email too.

            Also no movement on AusPost since "we've got it" on Tuesday.

            Will probably wait and see if AusPost comes through by Thursday and then follow it up. There should at least be a transit movement by mid-week.

        • Normal for auspost at the moment, if it's coming from melb via standard parcel post don't expect any movement for a week or two+ with the huge backlog. There's literally warehouses full of parcels waiting to be sorted. Only way to get anything delivered in a semi-reasonable time at the moment is via express or startrack. Mines also been received at the sorting facility and nothing since.

          If myprotein try to recall it the tracking should update showing a redirection request. You can't stop a parcel once its gone out, only request a redirection back to the original address, and even then odds are it wont happen.

          so if you've got a tracking number and it's been scanned/received at the sorting facility, highly likely we'll be getting them, but it's probably gonna take a while at the moment.

          • @JW3B: Just got another order cancellation email. This one was accompanied by a refund email.

            No movement on AusPost, they still think they have the order.

            • @Shard: Yeah PayPal refunded me this morning. Doubt they would do that unless Auspost cancelled delivery

              • @knobbs: Submitted a form to AusPost asking to investigate what happened to it. Got this back

                We’ll monitor this delivery until Wed 24 Nov . If it doesn’t arrive by then, we’ll begin investigating

                Yay, wait 3 weeks after it was supposed to be delivered, THEN we will start looking into it lol….

                • @knobbs: AusPost update today:

                  Delayed - waiting to be processed for delivery.

                  • @Shard: Read on WP today that companies have the ability to recall packages once sent.

                    There's no tracking updates when this happens to reflect the recall.

                    I'm assuming MyProtein recalled what they could and issued refunds when packages arrived back to base.

                    Will still confirm with AusPost once the enquiry deadline hits this Fri but I think that's a wrap.

  • Hello

    Thank you for placing order xxxxxxxx with us.

    We are sorry to inform you that we have had to cancel your order due to a special offer error on our website. We pride ourselves on having accurate information on our website, but on this occasion there has been an error which has subsequently been amended.

    We understand this could be very frustrating for you and apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused.

    If a charge has been taken for the order, a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your payment method within 3-5 working days

  • why did I get it? I was the last to order too.

    I have 2 x MyProtein Beta Ecdysterone pending on amazon too. But paid full price.

  • +1

    well im confused

    ordered early
    assumed it was coming from uk,
    got this email at 3am today

    Thank you for placing order with us.

    We are sorry to inform you that we have had to cancel your order due to a special offer error on our website. We pride ourselves on having accurate information on our website, but on this occasion there has been an error which has subsequently been amended.

    We understand this could be very frustrating for you and apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused.

    If a charge has been taken for the order, a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your payment method within 3-5 working days.

    If the order is still of interest to you, we are more than happy provide you with a unique code " AUSPECIAL " to receive 40% off your next purchase, this code will be valid till 31/10/2021.

    If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

    Kind regards,

    Myprotein Customer Care Team

    tried to reorder with the above code and others, didnt work,

    order got delivered this afternoon!

    • +1

      Fingers crossed for a refund as well!

  • +3

    Got mine delivered this afternoon. 5kg choc mint, 5kg blueberry cheesecake and 2.5kg unflavoured. Best befores 11/2022. Stoked. Thanks OP. I didn't get a cancellation email

  • Anyone else asked by MyProtein to cancel their order to receive refund? I'm choosing to ignore it for a while to see if they end up shipping it. Just found it strange that they wouldn't cancel it themselves..

    • +1

      Very weird, they seemed fine to cancel my order by themselves. I would hold out like you said.

    • +3

      You can have one of my order cancel emails. They've sent me like four over the past week.

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