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New for November Pack (Total 32x 375ml Cans) $129.95 ($186.50 RRP) Delivered @ Dad N Dave's Brewing


Introducing our new beer for November - Sabro & Citra Hazy Oat Cream IPA in a great value pack

Get them while you can! We only have 100 deals available before we sell out of promotional stock

The New for November Pack includes:

8 x Citra Sabro Hazy Oat Cream IPA (6.2%)
8 x Blueberry Sour (6.0 %)
8 x Pale Ale (4.6%)
8 x Pilsner (4.2%)

All beer is fresh and is not surplus stock. All orders will be packed and ready to ship the next business day.

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  • If this is "New for November" how do we know if this is a bargain or not?

    • Our normal takeaway price at the cellar door would be $186.50 - so a real bargain with free shipping.

      • +1

        Wait, what… 32 cans for 186.50

        Just under $6 a can for beer… I think I'll stick to Stone and Wood Pacific Ale.

        • Good for you

        • Stone and Wood is not 6% or 6.2%

          • +2

            @jamesdumay: And it's not $6 per can either. I understand that their is government excise on alcohol which is why wine and spirits are generally more expensive but ive done home brews and you aren't cellaring a product which requires picking from a vine, crushed.

            Sorry for being negative but I am aware of what is required to make beer and the profit margins are good enough especially given the government also gave incentives recently.

            A five year old scotch sells for about $37 and probably contains as much alcohol as 24 cans - and it's had 5 years of taking up space, not a month or 2.

  • I just ordered to try you out - I hope you are not using Aramex / Fast way as they delivery service is way to slow.

    • Fastway I believe. I had no trouble the one and only time I ordered from them.

  • Pretty good deal this, just can't drink Pilsners unfortunately so a quarter of the beers are no good for me.

    • -1

      I can give you Pale Ale or Belgian IPA instead.

      • Probably pushing my luck by asking for another 8 x Sabro instead?

  • +1

    Jesus I nearly choked on my drunk when I saw this but then I saw the RRP and I fell off my horse wtf

    • +1

      The small/micro brewery scene is have a laugh! Ludicrous how much they're charging for a beer these days.

      The brewers/owners argue that the price is so extreme (well, they'll say "fair") due to higher alcohol content, government cuts, or unique flavours; but it's all a load of dodgy salesmen banter. It's Un-Australian I say!

      Whilst I'll admit I've enjoyed a few Micro Brewery beers; for the most part, they're just flashy coloured, fruity flavoured beers to attract 17-20year olds to buy their product.

      • +1


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