Hotone Soul Press II Wah/Expression Guitar Pedal US$83.48 (~A$111.11) Delivered @ SONICAKE AliExpress


If you're Surfing with the Alien or Entering Sandman you need the right tool. Here it is.

  1. Do you regularly speed down back alleys full of neatly stacked cardboard boxes and need to create a soundtrack for their destruction?
  2. Does your partner need very specific music to help them get in the mood?
  3. Do you have kilograms of Indica and your friends are coming around tonight?

This guitar effect pedal will satisfy your clearly very, very specific three needs all in one night.

Local retailers sell it for $190 AUD. An automatic coupon of roughly $54 USD will be applied in checkout. Don't forget to use ShopBack/Cash Rewards for a few dollars off.

Review by Shane at InTheBlues here:

Soul Press II is a next-gen product in the Hotone Press series pedal line. It's new-designed upgrade based on the popular concepts of both the Soul Press and Vow Press. It integrates up to four function modes (volume, wah, volume/wah, expression), taking playability to new heights. The pedal position indicator shows the pedal position in real time. The TONE mode selection and Q value adjustment represent an absolute improvement in tone and functionality. Multiple I/O options provide more diverse access. The reimagined pedal size maintains portability while delivering an optimal ergonomic experience. Soul Press II is a truly versatile wah pedal.

  • True Bypass
  • Increased footprint for a better user experience
  • Cool STATUS LEDs indicate pedal position in real time
  • 4 in 1 functionality (volume, expression, wah, volume/wah)
  • Inspired by the legendary vocal-like wah sound
  • Q (effect range) and TONE (frequency range) controls for a more flexible wah tone
  • Active volume design for keeping lossless tone
  • Separate tuner and expression outputs for more connection possibilities
  • 9V DC or 9V battery power supply

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  • Is this such a good deal that a beginner (with 2 hours experience) should buy now?

    • +2

      Nah. There’s always another pedal and another deal in the future.

      If you’re starting out see if you can grab a wah pedal second hand super cheap, but a wah wouldn’t have to be one of the first types of pedals you’d buy.

      You might be better off getting a nice sounding distortion, reverb or delay pedal if you’re starting out or something cheapo multi effects pedal as a beginner. No use plunging a bunch of cash into it if you don’t end up continuing.

      This particular wah is good because you can switch to volume control. You can also use it as an expression control for another pedal like a delay/distortion if the other pedal allows it.

    • +2

      Just practice practice practice :)

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