Fender Hammertone Overdrive Effect Pedal 234571000 $84.11 Delivered @ Amazon JP via AU

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Looks like a good pedal for the price.

See it in use here:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    As true ozbargainer, i am buying the pedal 1st, then the guitar , then find guitar lesson, and lastly learn how to play when i got time.

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      I like your style, but you need at least 4 pedals and an amp before getting the guitar

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      Love it. I once bought a 7 album boxset on vinyl, then eventually bought a turntable.

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      I bought some petrol in jerry cans; now looking to buy a car.

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    I did that with jogging - bought a bargain Garmin and the rest flowed from there

  • Waiting for a sale for a Klon Centaur or King of Tone

    • it's all in the playing brah

      • Oh idc how I sound I just want to look good. PRS, Milkman amp, KOT, and you can turn me all the way down in the soundboard.

        • sounds good, no verb option tho?

  • Thanks OP, got one. Any recommendations for a beginner-intermediate amp to use with it?

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      It really depends on your budget and goals. That said I've owned a few amps from rubbish to Fender Deluxe tube amps and played for ~25 years. Now in my 40s with a family and not playing with anybody else, I picked up a BOSS Mini Katana for just $120 on Amazon. It was shipped to Sydney in less than 24 hours and has exceeded all expectations. I'd say with your being a beginner/intermediate, this gets you into playing without breaking the bank, and will be useful down the road if you go for a real amp since you can take it anywhere.

      • Thanks, will check it out. The form factor, portability, and battery power look quite interesting!

      • +1 for Katana. Use it in studio with great results.

        • Got the new Katana Go in the post at the moment and I think it will become my most used piece of gear replacing my couch NU-X mg30 (great budget modeller but the mini pedalboard permanently on the couch is clutter) and my irig HD2 in my work bag (keep a guitar in the cloak storage at work for lunch noodling connected to my ipad). Little headphone amp probably isn't ideal for use with external pedals but having the entirety of the big boi katanas in a pocket sized device was pretty damn appealing after almost 18 months of keeping the GAS at bay.

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      Boss Katana, Roland Cube, Positive Grid Spark, Line6 Spider
      They are "modelling" amps which means you can replicate the sound of a bunch of the big brands (eg Fender, Marshall, Vox) and generally have headphone outputs which you might appreciate

      • Do Roland still sell the Cube? I still have my cube 30 from when I started like 20 years ago. That thing is a beast. Upgraded to a Fender Deluxe, but the Cube was an amazing practice amp.

        • I initially got the Roland Cube Ex as a busking amp but considering the guitar sounds on-board it's become my main rehersal amp. If I can be arsed I'll still drag my Fender or Hughes and Kettner valves, but Roland (and by extension Boss) make fantastic solid state items.

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