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Trade-in 2 Selected Games (from 2 for $30 Deal @ JB Hi-Fi) and Get Marvel's GOTG or Mario Party Superstars for $29 @ EB Games


I know this doesn't adhere to post title guidelines, but hear me out as it's a decent deal and worth mentioning. Mods please fix the title as per the rules, because I'm not sure what to put.

EB Games have a bunch of games available for $29 when trading in 2 games on their list (Recent list thanks to @Gehirn).

JB happen to have a bunch of games on their 2 for $30 deal that are also on EB's list.

Put one and one together, and you got yourself a bunch of games that can be had for $59. Off the top of my head this includes:

Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Mario Party Superstars

Some JB games that can be traded:

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    OZLoopHole lol

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      A bit too much hassle for a $9 discount over Amazon AU price. I'd rather use a credit card with price protection and claim back the potential price drop which can be around $20 judging from Amazon past sales.

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    • Thanks, I updated the post.

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    Did something similar to this a while back. Noticed bigw selling a game for $36 and ebgames had bonus trade in on so same game traded at $52. Just didn't get the best response when I walked in with 20 copies of the same unopened game for trade in lol

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      I believe they have a clause that allows them to deny more than certain amount of copies of a specific game so people can't exploit a random occurrence like that (and so they don't end up with 1000x copies of some obscure title haha), but perhaps could be at the discretion of the store, I can't recall.
      Back in the EB vs GAME days, there were some crazy trade deals to be had if you put the effort in!

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        Managers discretion point = more than 1

    • I'm surprised that they allow you to trade in so many copies of the same game. Most of the stores I went to only allowed 2 of the same.

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        In Dickiee's dreams he traded in 200 copies then went to the pub and won $500 on the pokies. Was a good night that ended with a happy ending from the Mrs.

      • thats 2 of the same per customer right.

        • Yes, per customer per platform.

      • Yeah I've always wondered how people managed to swing this.

        EB have been snarky about even price matching sometimes if it didn't meet some bizarre criteria such as the price matched store not being present in the same shopping complex!

        Admittedly this was a while ago now, but stuff like that just gave me less and less incentive to even give EB a look in if I'm buying a game.

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          True, and TBH there's no point of loyalty. I basically shop any place that offers the cheapest. I only did the trade 2 for $29 this year after learning about it and managed to find some $10 games to trade in, other than that I don't really shop at EB (apart from when they have sales). And I really dislike that they force you to put your credit in preorder rather than giving you a gift card that you can use online or other EB stores.

    • Was this fifa 21?

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        Nah, immortals Fenyx Rising on switch. Other great thing about it was that it gave an extra 52 bonus carrots per trade (104 total). Over 20 trades it came to 2080 and pushed me into level 4.

        • Legend!

    • Yeha exploited loophole like this once not as extreme as yours but I basically got brand new copies of call of duty and fifa with a gift card back in return…

  • Or sell same titles on marketplace, buy from Amazon and profit.

  • That’s the spirit!

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    Definitely worth doing if there's a JBHIFI next to an EB games, these 2 shops are always next to each other in most westfield shopping centres lol

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    So if I read this right I still end up paying $59 for a game if I pull this off?

    Man gamepass has really spoilt me

  • Anyone know if Mario Party Superstars will be available in stores on the 29/10/21 launch date without pre-ordering? Surely it's not that popular of a game right? I've never purchased a game on launch day so I'm not sure if I'll waste my time without pre-ordering lol

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      I'm certain a preorder is not needed. You can still trade in the 2 games prior to the release day

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    thanks for the effort!!

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    A couple of years ago, I traded a bunch of games in, so now I can buy them back for the trade price, 2 of which are only $9 each

    Last year, I bought them back for $18, paid $29 more for Cyberpunk (yeah yeah) = $47 game. All handled in the same transaction

    Those 2 games are still on the list… ;)

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    Thanks op, just ordered a couple of games from jb and will trade them in tomorrow for a discount on the guardians game.

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    Cheers cnut

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      No worries. Don’t forget your socks next time!

  • Looks like COD BLOPS 4 is on the list so you could buy 2 of those for $19 each at this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659171 , trade them in and get two t-shirts you'd never wear.

    • Trade-in value is $9, the Xbox one version on the other hand does qualify.

      • Whoops, my mistake!

  • Wondering whether to trade for Guardians or Far Cry 6? Anyone with a suggestion?

    • cant go wrong with far cry 6 is you like far cry games (theyre all the same) Guardian of the galaxy is a bigger risk tho considering how the avengers game panned out…

    • If you've ever played Far Cry games before a lot of reviews suggest that it's just a reskin with new story. Guardians is looking to be actually good. A review I saw was "Better than Avengers" but let's be honest… Not a hard standard to beat.

      Personally I watched the 30 minutes gameplay video and it looks good. So I suggest Guardians but Far Cry 6 would be the game that lasts longer.

    • I got both 😏

  • Asked this last time but no one knew.. but there used to be a site that would detail how to buy trade in games
    Like, go to Big W and buy Mario for $39, go to JB and buy Zelda for $40, trade in at EB for Metroid

    Anyone know the site, and if it’s still around?

  • I think you will be able to grab a copy on marketplace or gumtree within a week of release for $50. Yes, second hand. But saves more and near new condition.

    • Think you're right for the Guardians games as its multiplatform. I doubt first party switch games are like that though.

      • Metroid, I saw 3 ads in my local area. 50-55

        • Oh yeeeah I forgot that game existed. Thought you were talking about popular mainstream games like Mario and stuff.

  • Dam… Finally would be able to put Days Gone and Persona 5 to good use. (Got PS5R)

  • The min trade in price for the 2 games is $10 each.

  • the disclaimer at the bottom doesnt mention QLD? will this work with no surprises?

  • Tony Hawk 1 & 2 XB1 selling for $15 on amazon, is accepted according to list.

  • Do you know if EB will let you trade in two of the same games?

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      Yes, I've done that before.

  • I tried this with Far Cry, turns out my games i wanted to trade, where worth more and i ended up getting the game for free after price match, plus $10 eb credit. dont let them just do it, ask the trade values

    • what were the games u traded in?

      • Returnal and life is strange True colours

        • oh….. yhh in that case they better give u far cry 6 for free of cos… thats like 120+ worth easily if sold on marketplace

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            @PuntyBrah: believe it or not I had them at basic prices on gumtree like both of them for $90, or $50 each, diddnt get one message.

  • Think you could do this with the new pokemon games?

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      I can confirm you can for Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and Arceus

    • Yes, I did that before NSW having the lock down. If you go to EB website and view those pokemon games, you can see "Trade 2 games and pay $29" in the thumbnails/pics.

  • Beware, this doesn't work in Victoria. They refused to do trade in due to retail restrictions! I bough two games from JB for nothing.

    • Regional or Metro? Metro stores won't open until 6pm Friday.

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        Metro, I didn't know this as it wasn't in the op and the EB games website doesn't mention it on the trade promotion. I guess I'll have to hope they will still accept the games I bring in on Friday and they haven't changed the accepted games list. Also I don't know why someone down-voted my comment, I am telling the truth.

        • I didn't include it because I thought it was obvious you can't walk into a store till Friday. You can buy the game and do the trade later they said.

          P.S. I didn't downvote you.

          • @cnut: I went to two stores and they won't let you buy and trade later. It's not your fault, the EB site doesnt mention it either. I'm just disappointed..

            • @acidantics: EB Games sent an email a few weeks ago stating that for VIC customers the Trade-in would be extended till after lockdown ended.
              The email said you could Buy-Now and Trade-later (i was asking for Far Cr 6 and Guardians).
              I also called into my local store (Knox) and they confirmed this.

              Hopefully they keep their word.

              • @TheUsualSuspect: Thanks for the info, i must have missed the email. EB southland and Prahran arent doing the buy now trade later, at least that's what they told me, they said come back on Friday and do it then.

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              @acidantics: By "went" did you mean you made two separate click and collect orders, of did you call?

              • @silverrat23: i went to Southland and Prahran EB stores and was turned away. You do realised pretty much everything but walk in retail is open right now. I didn't think it wouldn't be possible to take a couple of games and hand me one in exchange. i've click and collected from EB during the pandemic and they have taken my credit card to pay remainder amounts on pre-orders i had made, so i didn't think it would be a problem.

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    just check in QLD and the list for $29 is a bloody joke…..

    Plenty much the games listed in OP and 2-3 more pokemon games lol..

    Does anyone know how often they change the list of games that you can get for $29?

    • They change the list as often as new, noteworthy games are released.

      What you can do is trade towards a $29 game now with the furtherest release date and change over to a similar one once a new game is announced.

      • thats a good strat thxx

    • The last list is updated until October 12th, at that time the trade in prices were the ones from the last sale they had.

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    Eligible trades, all PS4:
    MX vs Atv All Out
    Black Ops 4
    COD WW2

    Not eligible, but I still traded in:
    Borderlands 3
    Fallout 76

    Managed to get trade all in and paid $46 on top, for both Far Cry 6 and Guardian!

    I’m smiling so hard right now 🤗

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      I’m glad to hear it!

  • Just used this deal to get GTA Trilogy for $29.
    Traded in one PS4 game from 2015 and one Xbox game from 2018. Both I purchased pre-owned, so this has worked out to be a fantastic deal for me.

    I recommend having a look through JBs pre-owned games. I was lucky enough to find one thats on the list for $10

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