Where to Buy Gold Rings and Earrings with Real Esmerald and Ruby?

Hi OzBargainers

I have been looking for rings and earrings in gold (white) with esmerald or ruby. However everything has created esmerald or created ruby and I don't want those.

I have looked in the normal retailers: Michael Hill, Angus and Coote, Prouds.

I am also aware real esmerald and ruby will be pricey.

Any help where I should look for it?

Thank you


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    Maybe try look for emeralds instead of esmeralds.

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      Thanks, esmeralda = spanish/portuguese = emerald = english. Search brings same results.

    • @ kerfuffle That deserves a +. Thanks for the LMAO

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          There are lots of languages spoken in Australia. Way to make newcomer feel welcome. Check yourself oscargamer.

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    The retailers you mention sell over-priced jewellery intended for the mass market.
    You would do better to try a more up-market retailer

    • The OP asked you to suggest one, not tell them what they already know

      • Read the posts again - why do I bother !!!!
        "Any help where I should look for it?"
        "You would do better to try a more up-market retailer"

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    You’d be best place to go to an actual jeweller as opposed to a jewellery retailer. They’ll have a certain amount of ready made stuff or can source you a stone and/or make something bespoke. Simon at Grew and Co made my engagement ring, really nice guy too https://grewandco.com.au/

    • Nice, thank you.

    • I’m not a jewellery girl but my goodness, that site has some stunning pieces. If I did wear anything, I’d be seriously considering their work. Thanks for posting 🙂

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    One of my friends is a custom jeweller who can make some amazing pieces located in the city on a small workshop. He made my wedding rings and they were awesome. Fair prices but you will get exactly what you want. Pm me if you would like his details.

    • Hi @wobblydrow i have no idea what i want. It is a gift

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    Maybe give a location? What you want is probably best to get from a smaller more up market jeweller.

    Also a bit more unique and special that way.

    • Melbourne. I have no idea what i am after. It is for a gift.

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