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[PS5] Deathloop $66 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like Bezos has dropped the price of Deathloop to $66. Free delivery.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I know that reviews are out for this game but I honestly don’t buy the hype as to how it’s being critically acclaimed and been given 10/10s and the myriad positive criticism.

    What I would like to know is for current owners of this game, how did you find the game? Is it as good as critics claim it to be?

    Keen to hear your thoughts.

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      It is something different and the story is great. It hooks you in because you just want to find out the next plot twist. Gameplay is already great. Is it a 10/10 worthy? I don't think so but I believe it is worthy of GOTY contention. One of the best games I've played this year.

    • +2

      I thought the game was extremely fun.
      The storyline was also a lot of fun because it plays out like you need to solve how to a massive puzzle of how to kill all of your targets.
      Shortcomings of the game are that the game outright tells you how to solve and progress through the game.

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        yes, indeed, I felt like they went with safe option here and guided you by the hand, being a ps5 exclusive Im sure they were told to cater for that
        it would be a truly 10/10 if they didnt hold your hand through it and guided you, this way its a 8/9

      • +1

        Yeah I was promised a puzzle but they tell you when and where to kill each of the targets! It's like they were too scared that people wouldn't understand it.

        Prey's expansion Mooncrash was the same pitch but it actually threw you in the deep end and left you to figure out what you needed to do to get a perfect run.

    • +3

      got bored after a couple of hours after initially loving it. Have gone back a few times to try and re-engage but still a bit Meh. I think there's a dearth of new games due to the pandemic so that anything that looks half decent is getting 'generous' reviews. Same feeling with Returnal IMHO.

      • +2

        Both are great games but Returnal was even better.

    • +1

      Was better than expected, I didn't expect 10/10 (like a good chunk of the reviews gave), but it was enjoyable. 7.5-8 out of 10 for me.

      After you finish it, there's practically zero replayability though.

      • +1

        Agree. Loved it but it was short and replay ability was low. Was going to try get platinum trophy but some seemed like a fair effort and it became less fun after finishing

    • I would say it's a solid 8 out of 10, is definitely something different, good story and mechanics

    • I played for around 6 hours and was quite into it, but I got killed in maybe the third area and lost all my upgrade currency and special abilities and I haven’t gone back since.

      Probably 7-8/10 for me.

      • +11

        You quit cos you got looped a single time? That's the whole premise.

        • +3

          And you only lose the gear and coins you didn't save…. so it's usually nothing worth talking about and you can easily get that back…!

    • +1

      Have 100% in this game, paid $69 from Amazon for it. Took me ~40 hours to get Platinum, and I took the time to go find all the little secrets around the world because I just enjoyed the game and wanted more content.

      It's not a 10/10 game, it has its faults for sure but it really is highly enjoyable. It has the bonus twist of asynchronous multiplayer as well which constantly keeps things fresh and keeps you on your toes.

    • +1

      Is it a 10/10? No. Is it a very fun game with some flaws, making it an 8/10 or 9/10? Yes

    • Haven't played it but listened to Sacred Symbols talk about Deathloop in a recent episode and was surprised to hear that it's a roguelike game. That put me off getting it tbh

    • +1

      I loved it.

      But, this is a big but, I loved all of Arkane's other games. Deathloop is very much a highly refined, and more fun, Dishonored.

    • +1

      I loved it.
      I bought it without reading any reviews or anything.
      Really engaging storyline, lots of very funny bits along the way as well.
      While the game can be short if you go straight down the main story, there's absolutely hours of side content if you do that along the way.

      All the main characters have a proper storyline behind them and can be killed in multiple different ways for different outcomes.

      There's also random events (bit like GTA) that only happen in certain areas, at certain times of the day and not on every loop - so it does kinda add a bit to the immersion.

    • very fun but way too easy, the game just tells you where to go and what to do. the weapon rarity, looter-shooter stuff is useless, and the whole repetition aspect is under-used. the marketing made it sounds like a rogue-lite where you find out new things about how to finish the game on every run, but the story is actually very linear. the 1v1 multiplayer is laggy and bad, you won't find a game easily.
      it's more of a 7-8/10

    • +2

      IMO 10/10 is a rating that should be reserved for games that are world changing.

      Super Mario 64, Deus Ex, Grand Prix Legends, Doom are world changing games.

      So Death Loop can't be more than a 9/10.

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    Amazon AU price-matching The Gamesmen

    • +10

      Thanks mate, ordered from gamesmen to purposely not order from Amazon

      • +2

        Onya cobba. Bezos is an atomic scumbag.

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    I'm holding till $39… I r3ckon January next year maybe earlier!

    • saw in marketplace around $45-50 so yeah.

    • Bought my copy for $50 of eBay so it'll get there

  • Good price. I want to buy it but I expect it'll be on Game Pass once the PS5 exclusivity ends. Holding out for that.

    • Thought: any chance for Deathloop to become a PS+ title like Final Fantasy VII Remake?
      Unlikely because Bethesda/Microsoft wouldn't agree to it?

  • +1

    Firstly I need to find a PS5!

  • yeah this game is best played with a keyboard and mouse so I would get it on PC.

  • +1

    Price down to $59

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