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Cat Litter Mat $24 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Arcade Mall via Amazon AU


Cat Litter Mat Double-Layer Sand Cat Mats for Cat Litter box Large Size Foldable Non-slip Waterproof Pet Bed Easy Clean Foldable Trapper Mats (Grey)

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    Trust me, the sand will still go all over the place. Sometimes turds if you have a cat like mine.

    • 😂

  • Why your cat shits everywhere?

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      The problem is cats are originally wild animals and they don't want to die.

      Having a big pile of your shit exposed means another animal could infer that you live in/frequent the area.

      This is dangerous for the cat if that animal is a predator and not a dung beetle.

      Hence, cats bury their poop so it can't be seen/smelled so easily.

      As the old saying goes "you can take the dog out of the fight, but you can't stop a cat from burying it's shit and getting the litter everywhere."

      If this product worked I would say it's a quality invention but as someone else said it's quite small and we get litter showing up in the kitchen from the laundry so I'm not sure of its efficacy

      • I suppose a litter mat is only as good as the litter used. I use applaws litter and have found it pretty good. We don't get tracking just some from the burying

  • Hi Rep how does this one differ to what you can buy for less on Aliexpress?

    Doesn't appear to be a bargain, more like Spamazon.

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    I've always used this one (https://www.kmart.com.au/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDi...). It works as well as you'd imagine. It helps her know how far she needs to leap away from the litter tray.

    Anything make this one worth getting in place of the Kmart cheapie?

  • I got this one.. it does reduce the amount of stuff spread around but not everything. I think we'll worth tge money https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cat-Litter-mat-Large-Kitty-Litte...

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    I use a 50l clear plastic storage container - it's big enough and deep enough to keep all the litter inside, even though my boy likes to dig like he's a canine. Initially he wasn't keen on it, but being able to see through the clear plastic helped and he got over his anxiety at something different pretty quickly - guess he feels safe as he can see in all directions that nothing is going to attack him while he's in there. best part the storage box only cost me about $7 from the local hardware and sausage selling franchise.

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      I have an igloo type litter box and they still manage to carry litter out on their feet (the igloor even has a floor with holes at the entrance so it falls away easily). It doesn't matter the size of the box, a mat is still useful.

      Not a $24 mat though, I got mine at the cheap shop for like $5.

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