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Double Cheeseburger $3 | 18 Nuggets & 2 Medium Chips $10 @ Hungry Jack's (via App)


Available in the vouchers section of the app.

Double Cheeseburger $3 - Expires 1st of Nov.

18 Nuggets & 2 Medium Chips $10 - Expires 8th of Nov.

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Hungry Jack's


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    McDonald's has a better deals for the nuggets and fries, I rather wait for that as it pops up via the app every so often. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/628073

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      Decent deal but Hungry Jacks chips are so much better than Maccas chips for sure. Also Hungry Jacks Peri Peri sauce is amazing

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        Some people like Macca's fries more than the thicker cut chips like the ones from KFC or Hungry Jacks. Only if they're not ultra soggy, but they always are though.

        I do find that Hungry Jacks chips are often the most crispy and hot compared to the other 2 fast food chains.

        • HJ is halfway between maccas and KFC in terms of crispness and thickness so its my go to chips.

          Many people hate HJ nuggets but I seem to like them. Might be store dependent. Because local seems to make them quite fresh so it seems soft on the inside and with crucny coating. Once had them in Melbourne and it tasted quite dry so I assume it had been it was a old batch or something.

  • It's a "Double Cheeseburger" but you've still got to eat at least two of these to fill up.

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      It's not meant to be your only meal of the day.

    • Decent meal if you're able to get the free chips and drink from survey. But otherwise yeah, burger itself is only 1920 kJ.

  • Where do HJs nuggets rank compared to KFC? Maccas?

    • more similar to kfc's than maccas, i'd say. not much crunch or crisp to them if my memory serves me correctly.

    • I think Maccas are better in terms of consistency. HJ have been hit and miss in my experience (see comment above).
      I think alot of people get nuggests at maccas so they go through them a bite more and so maybe its fresher?

    • FastFood critics 😉 make me laugh.

  • Are their nuggets made of chicken breast or chicken portions?

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      55% breast

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