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25% off Beyond Compare (Multi-OS File Comparison Software) @ Scooter Software


Beyond Compare is turning 25 and giving 25% off. I will admit there are free tools out there and you can file compare with notepad++ and vs code. However, I've found some of the features in Beyond Compare worth paying for (and not just reinstalling after 30 days of use).

They have had 25% off before, but usually a flash one day sale. This one goes a little longer.

Edition Was Price (USD) Now Price (USD) Now Price (AUD)
Pro $60 $45 ~$60
Stand $30 $22.50 ~$30

Edit: For those who are not a developer there is a cheaper version for US$22.50 I believe. You lose the ability to remotely compare files, which I found useful for comparing linux configurations.

So not for everyone, but someone might find it useful.

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    Wow, I was using that last century

    Wasn't it free ?

    • I think it was always paid with either a 15/30day try out period?

  • +8
    • -1

      You can't claim that one on your tax though…

      • +2

        Claiming for tax doesn't mean you got it for free, it just price deduction based on your tax bracket.

        • -3

          Correct. My comment is still true though…

          • @jv: You can claim a deduction for the media it's stored on.

      • +1

        Well, you just reminded me I forgot to claim it… To much trouble to revise the claim…

    • I've been a long time user of WinMerge too, even when there were no updates about 10 years up until recently. Although at this price, I'm tempted to take the plunge

  • +6

    I use this for work. Is a godsend to compare large SQL or log files.

  • +3

    oh yes, my favourite tool for the past.. oh christ 17 years

    • not sure when I got it, but it is version 2.2.7 (build 227)

  • +2

    I used to make good use of this, but VS Code has pretty much dominated my entire dev workflow these days.

  • +1

    Best compare/merge tool I've ever used

  • +1

    I use this all the time at work, if you deal with a lot of annoying XML files it's a godsend.

  • I usually use crossover and run a bunch of windows app including notepad++ and winmerge on mac. Was wondering if this was a better option. The standard version is 30 US bux and then there is 25% off.

  • +1

    I've found P4Merge is far far better at untangling tricky merges.

  • +1

    Have used this for years at work, and has been my preference over winmerge and notepadd++
    The file and folder compare has been a great time saver when managing/troubleshooting windows servers and applications where automation hasn't matured enough to treat them like cattle.

  • +1

    I have been using it for at least 16 years, never found a better replacement. The folder comparison is excellent indeed.

  • Kdiff3 ftw

  • Diffmerge has been my goto for the last ten years or so, tried others, keep coming back.

  • +1

    I still have a license for version 3.
    Is version 4 worth the upgrade over 3?

  • BC4 is $60 for the pro version, $45 for standard. If you're not a developer, the standard version is probably enough. The coupon also works on standard version, bringing it to USD$22.50

  • Bought the ver. 4 standard with full price. No regrets. You should absolutely get one when you can.

    Also IIRC the license is per-user/per-workstation. If you’re the only one use it, you can install and activate on any computer you own with the same license.

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