Want to Buy 85 Inch TV (Entry Level)


I just cancelled my order with TGG and I have received my refund in form of gift card.

I am looking into buying TCL 85 P725 or something around that price range. I want to get people's view if I should wait for Black Friday or cyber Monday sale or I should go and buy it now.

TGG would be able to price match Appliances Online and they are giving $80 click and collect credit with $100 refund from TCL.


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    Def wait for black friday

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    What's the logic behind wanting a large TV but getting a poor quality panel? Why didn't you get the 85S8 you posted few days ago?

    • Yes it seems people want to show off so get the biggest they can without caring about the quality….

      I got a 65 inch cheap TV because that's all I needed in hindsight I'd probably spend more next time but its still pretty good TV but 85 would definitely make the picture quality worse on a cheap TV unless you want to sit like 3 metres away on a cheap TV it won't be the same clarity at all sorry…

    • I wanted to buy that TV but TGG doesn't stock it. I have got gift card for TGG so restricted on buying from TGG.

  • Hisense…. Wait for a deal.

    • Hisense is a great budget brand along with TCL but considering all the recent issues with their vidaa OS and streaming Apps I would stay away until a permanent solution is found.

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