Shall I buy in Appliances Online Birthday Sale or Wait until Black Friday

I've got to buy a bit of electronics (fridge, TV, kettle, toaster, bluetooth speaker, washing machine/dryer) before Xmas and noticed the Appliances Online birthday sale.

I was planning to buy everything on Black Friday but I'm wondering if this birthday sale worth taking advantage of. For those familiar with these sales and with black friday discounts, can you give me some idea.

I haven't started looking in detail but here's one product I'm keen on:

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    If it were me, I would be inclined to buying now in the hope that you will get delivery when you need these.

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    Buy the Fridge and Washing Machine Dryer ASAP before the prices get bumped to factor the outrageous shipping costs.
    Container pricing is up 5+ times historic norms.

    Bulky and low margin items like fridges MUST increase in price soon, if not already, as a result.
    Only ~50 Fridges fit into a container, so shipping costs alone must be around $200/fridge at the moment, versus $40 2 years ago and $100 this time last year (and even in July this year, prices have ramped up steadily through August and September).

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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a joke here

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      Came here to say this exactly. Buy it now. I purchased a food processor on their birthday sale and was happy with their current special pricing.

  • you don't normally get great deals on necessity appliances apart from the usual 15% off web store or whatever at the majors / ebay so if you find a good deal go for it.

  • I'm looking for a washer 840mm high at most, which rules out a lot of brands. If it's going to be appliances online, I'm left with Euromaid or Beko. Any thoughts?

    It's an apartment (short term stay) so won't get used too often, but I still want something reliable.

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      For what it's worth, my in-laws own/operate motel style accommodation units and swear by their Beko machines.
      They have 3 machines running multiple times per day pretty much every day washing linen.
      Those machines must be 5 years old by now, with 10 years of equivalent usage.

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    Does your Credit Card offer low price guarantees? Buy now and if price drops at Black Friday, ask the credit card to refund difference.

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