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[eBay Plus] Oxley Gin 700mL $64.99, Santa Teresa 1796 Rum 1L $84.99 Delivered @ Boozebud eBay


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Oxley Gin 700mL Bottle - $64.99 (Was $139.99)


2000 units available.

"Oxley is a small-batch gin that has been cold-distilled at -5°C. The result is a flavour you just can’t replicate in traditional heated stills. Each individually numbered bottle is infused with fourteen balanced botanicals, giving it a refreshing and flavourful taste. With clean zesty notes and gentle juniper flavours, Oxley is sippably smooth

Region: England
Style: London Dry Gins, Gins
Size: 700mL
Alcohol: 47.0%

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum 1L Bottle - $84.99 (Was $159.99)


850 units available.

"Having been in continuous operation since 1796, Hacienda Santa Teresa is the oldest producer of estate rum in Venezuela and is currently under the guidance of the fifth straight generation of the Vollmer family. Produced using the solera method Santa Teresa 1796 was released in 1996 to honour the distilleries 200th Anniversary. Smooth and exceptionally balanced it is rich in vanilla, butterscotch, bananas, molasses and dark chocolate. Santa Teresa 1796 has a long dry finish that leaves caramel and roasted nuts lingering on the tongue. An ideal sipper on any occasion.

Region: Venezuela
Style: Rums
Size: 1000mL
Alcohol: 40.0%

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  • That gin appears to be here for $53 + delivery


    and the rum same place for $77 + delivery


    • +5

      Master of Malt delivers from the UK:

      Standard Delivery: from A$39.82

      • +2

        Haha was just about to delete the comment, I swear I saw .com.au my bad totally.

        • +1

          Yeah, that site is a scam and it pisses me off every time it (inevitably) comes up as the cheapest price when I search for stuff.

      • Not to mention import costs for alcohol on top

        • Also, the rum is 1Litre bottle, not 700ml. So, reasonably good value

  • +2

    https://www.hairydog.com.au/product/oxley-gin-700-ml available locally for 80 bucks, $140 RRP seems vastly inflated?

    • +1

      This was my take as well: this is a $10 discount in reality, and the starting price is what Boozebud themselves charge for a 1L bottle.

      • This price for a 1l bottle would be a barg 👌

  • +1

    Gee these Tuesday "Offers" have been piss-weak of late. Still, this is better than other recent offers.

    Most weeks it's just overpriced grocery items from the seller MyGrocery.

    For example, why pay $3 for Ajax Spray and Wipe at woollies when you can spend $13 with a generous $5 Tuesday coupon. WTF!

    • Somebody was hired in the marketing department with some excel skills, and calculated the real cost of the $1 Tuesday deals …
      Conclusion: 10% of 3x RRP is a safer bet than giving blanket $10-$50 discount (definitely if the IT staff is so competent that they allow it on all items instead of the selected ones: in their defense: they tested it on the targeted items and it worked!)
      RIP free facemasks, $1 powerbank, $19 sodastream/gin, $99 airpod contests etc.

    • +1

      So what you're telling me is that it's 0% off at Woolies, and 28% off on ebay. Seems like an easy decision to me! :D

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