Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Definitive Edition [Switch] $68, [PS4] $74.90, [XSX] $79 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price on the trilogy for switch - all right prices on PS4 and XSX.

$68 Switch
$79 PS4
$79 XSX

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Same price as JB btw if you want to pick it up instore on release.

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    are the games on the cart or DLCs?

    • Assuming and hoping they will be on the cart for switch, if the xbox version is 27gb switch would be less. I hated when they put nba2k on cart and made the bulk of it dlc.

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        Hope you’re right, but many companies don’t fork out the extra for a 32GB cartridge and getting down to 16GB might be asking too much. I could easily see them shipping with 1 or 2 games on the cart and the third being a code, like what happened with the Borderlands collection.

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          Released box art in America suggests that there will be a download required on the Switch version.

          • @Samjo: then might wait for when they release as would prefer the game on cart then DLCs

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      i read gamepass is only getting san andreas

    • +8

      Slow down, it's only GTA SA.

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      Did you just read the words ‘gta trilogy’ and run off to spread misinformation?

      • 'Gamepass ftw!' is misinformation now?

        • -2

          alrighty all calm down, i just saw a post the other day on this same site saying it's coming to gamepass lol relax

        • +1

          yep, because its only 1 of the 3 titles in game pass

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    All these years paying the nintendo tax is finally paying off.

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      This comment will age like milk.

      • So cheese?

        • I love cheese. Savoury or sweet (e.g. cheesecakes).

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    I wonder if they will bother with a physical PS5 copy? They could at least include a free upgrade with the PS4 copy if not.

    • i looked on the PSN store

      it would appear if i buy the PS4 version from the PSN store the version i get on the PS5 store is Simply the PS4 version instead of the ps5 Version that they offer - thats my understanding so im guessing the disc is the same ……

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    It's been confirmed that the Switch version will not come with all the content in the cart and you will require to download extra content.

    Hence the price, I was suspicious about the price difference with the other 2 versions (being cheaper), but now it seems clear why.

    • Dammit, hopefully it's not just a couple of gigs on the cart.

    • +5

      I really hate that. I bought Overwatch and didn't enjoy playing it on the Switch but I can't resell as it's code only. Such a rip off.

    • -1

      and what exactly is 'all the content'?

      stop being vague lol

      • -1

        at least of of the games maybe a single use download code.

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      There goes most of the value of the physical Switch cart… Bet only GTA 3 is on there. And the two best ones are download codes or "updates." Kinda hope it's download codes.

      Edit: it's just a download. unplayable without the update… Wonder if it's only American copies?

    • +8

      Well its more than a re-release they did update the models for buildings, added new lighting, changed the character models, updating the controls to GTA V controls. It’s at least more than just updating to run on modern hardware.

  • -2

    What res and framerate is Switch? 4k/60 like PS5/xsx?

    • +2

      I wish. More like 30fps (hopefully locked), 1080p (docked), 720p (handheld). On the plus side though, you get to play GTA portable.

    • About 900p and 30fps, lower than Xbox One and PS4.

    • +2

      if anyone is running 4k/60 on a 7inch screen they are stupid

  • Mighty Ape is cheaper with $69 + 5 delivery ($74)

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    GTA on Switch?!

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    yeah if what they're saying is true about 1 game on cart while 2 are downloadable (or vice versa) then buying the physical copy doesn't make any sense?

    • eShop is $79.95 so you’re still getting a discount.

  • I'm only going to get this for switch if San Andreas has the car flying cheat like the og. Good times 😃☺️

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    No hot coffee 🥵 🍑

    • +6

      My internet points :(

      I just saw it cheap and posted. I'm not even buying it, just looked like a good price compared to RRP.

      I can't argue with anything you've just said, though.

      • +2

        I appreciate the post OP, I've grabbed them on switch for my kids to relive what I experienced at their age.

  • thanks for this OP. 👍
    will def get one for Switch. i'm not gonna complain as someone who bought Skyrim on different platforms. my wallet never learns, but atleast i'm happy with each purchase. 😊

  • Having a V1 hekate switch at least allows you to try before you buy, this will be a great one to add to the collection for oled - if only you could buy digital cross platform..would love to be able to play on all my consoles.

  • amazon updated to $74.9 for PS4

    • Thank you!

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    PSA: looking at release dates, the physical version for Switch releases 7 December, digital 11 November - so if you pre-order, be aware you have to wait an extra month.

  • Hello to those who negged me into into oblivion for downvoting this deal on the basis of the product being a shameless, low-effort cash grab. I hope you're enjoying your purchase. Remember, no refunds!

    • How are things in oblivion? Is vengeance sweet?

  • Release for the Switch physical version delayed by an year to the new date of 1 Dec 2022

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